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…. beautiful beginnings

Last weekend, one of my favorite linesisters tied the knot! Her vows were BEAUTIFUL – what she wrote to her husband, who she vowed to be was remarkable. The Biblical women (who were real people, not just characters in a story) she seeks to emulate will no doubt lead her in the right direction. These woman, along with this (thankfully) faceless & selfless Proverbs 31 woman she is working to mold herself after is no easy feat but will reap rewards for her husbands, family, home, and ultimately herself in the process.

When I read about the Proverbs 31 woman, I automatically picture a regal, beautiful, elegant woman who is like a swan in a lake…. paddling like mad getting things done but handling it with a grace and a level of patience & confidence that is baffling yet gorgeous all at the same time. I’m thankful that every woman has the capacity to be this graceful woman of God who embodies this crazy-beautiful elegance &  draws out the best in everyone around her. I’m so glad the Proverbs 31 woman has no picture associated with her – except for the picture you imagine in your mind. I’m glad that there was no aspect of her physical self that was described. It was written perfectly in that way – there’s no measuring tool for the outside to be “perfect”. When trying to emulate this woman of such class and elegance, you aren’t consumed with trying to dress like her, look like her, or change who God made you to be physically to measure up to her. The only measuring tool required to determine if you are “up to par” is your character. WHO YOU ARE when no one is looking. Working to become more conconcerned with others than yourself. In every way, in every aspect. Putting others above yourself – working to make sure your husband/family/whoever is provided for. Not for accolades or public acknowledgement but for the sake of others. Becoming this selfless person who is NOT concerned with pats on the back isn’t an easy task nor is it natural. We all want credit for the things that we do, we all want to be top priority on our loved ones list……. The beautiful part of those desires NOT being your focus is that they will come when “YOU” aren’t your own priority.

The Proverbs 31 woman – a woman after God’s heart. Selfless. Loving. Hardworking. Patient. Kind. Smart. Savvy…… Ultimately, she is loved. Adored. Lifted up. Praised. Modeled after. Prioritized.

When you picture the Proverbs 31 woman, who do you see?
“SHE” can be you. “She” can be me. If we allow ourselves the courage to be.

Congratulations, Jennifer. I am so incredibly proud of you. You are going to be an excellent wife – not only because of who you are but who you are aspiring to be.

…. to being courageous. to being swans. to being everything God created us to be – Proverbs 31 women who worship Him and serve others.


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