…. hungry, hungry hippo

I’m hungry. Hungry like I eat and not even an hour later, I’m looking for a snack. I realized that this typically happens after treatments which is happens at a specific, regular time of my cycle. I Googled a little bit and found that hunger increases during/after ovulation – which is when I have treatments. Even though I found that this happens, I have yet to find out WHY, the science behind it. I’m guessing that it’s natures way of prepping your body in the event of a pregnancy.

Even though Thomas amusingly balks at my “I’m hungry” announcements- I’m glad I have some back up now to justify my frequent trips to the fridge!! Lol. Don’t feel like such a COW now! 🙂

Just thought i’d share a bit of what I found with you guys! So when you find yourself a bit hungrier than normal mid-cycle, just know that your body is simply doing it’s job!!

Happy snacking!!!


…. Here’s to healthy snacking and embracing our bodies and what they are so intricately fashioned to do!!!

Btw…. Isn’t that hippo cute?! He’s a bit freaked out but cute nonetheless. I’m sure that’s the face I make when I realize I’m hungry…. AGAIN! 🙂


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