… weekend in pictures

This weekend has been quite an interesting one. At the end of it all – I’m thankful for it.

First up…. I got Thomas and I matching rose gold Fossil watches. One of the girls put one of his in a “safe” place that no one can find. I asked Aliya about it and she says she “has no idea where it is but ask Ariana.” For fun, I ask Ariana if she knows where Uncle T’s watch is – she nods and says “Yes!” and run down the hall and comes right back. Needless to say, it was fun but pointless. I wanted to get him a watch to replace the missing one. Mission accomplished. THEN. The saleswoman mentioned that they had a matching woman’s watch…. and, I was suckered into buying one for me, as well.

On Saturday night, we went to Sonoma with a few friends to have a snack and chit chat. It’s a wine bar a few blocks from our house that has the best little appetizers and is a great place to just sit and enjoy company. Plus, they have a super cute “cork” menu that I loved! After, we went to hang out at a little venue in The Village and were out later than we’d had been in a while! All the girls were yawning and ready to go while the boys were still wanting to hang. We had fun and we met a couple of new people who were easy and fun to hang out with! Despite the fact that the wine bar charged us double PLUS an additional couple hundred dollars – we had a good time. Don’t let our little snafu make you not want to visit! It’s a really nice spot!

After a nice, drawn out pep talk with myself – I made it to church and then came home and perused neighborhoods with Thomas. After we ate, we lounged and watched movies. I eventually napped… perfect Sunday afternoon!

Thomas put together a little softball game with a lot of our friends and we had so much fun! Our team won and came back from being down 5 points! It was great! I made plays, scored, and hit everytime I went up to bat! My friend Jaclyn and I held it down for our team! We were the only girls that played most of the game. Another friend came in towards the end!! Can’t wait til next game!

I have very few workless weeks left so I’m going to try to  catch up on as much “stuff” as I can this week….. and, just relax.

….. here’s to unity, winning games & taking names, and friendship! I love it!!


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