… try, try, try again

Seems as if the time is passing so quickly – for that I am incredibly grateful!

My neices left with their mommy and daddy on Saturday morning. I was a little sad to wake up and not have them around but they were an absolute, exhausting joy during their time here. I absolutely loved having them around!! Here are a few pix from our dinner the night before they left!

Fourth of July was so fun! Did a little “one for you, one for me” shopping (I gifted Thomas his fav cologne, I gifted myself a pair of gorg sandals), saw most of Transformers in 3D (I slept for about 45 mins of it), then went to Freedom Over Texas with some friends! I also had a cupcake! Delish, as always!!!

We have another appointment on Thursday afternoon. This time, I don’t think the treatment will be as clear cut and simple due to the possible polyp I may have.  I’m sure I’ll have an ultra sound to confirm the polyp then we will talk about what we’ll do next. We’ll see. No stress. No over thinking. Nothing but trusting in God for His will will be done.

We’re at the doctor at least three times in a two week time period every month – it can be draining and down right annoying! Although, at the same time, it’s fun too because you know why you’re there and it gives you a little bit of hope! I’m PRAYING that we’re successful by August because I don’t want to use up all of my vacation days within the first couple of months of school due to treatments. That’s one of the reasons, at least. The other reason is if we have the baby by April,  we’ll have all of April, May and the entire summer with our kiddo before having to go back to work in August. That’s OUR “perfect” plan – I’m excited to see what God’s uber perfect plan is!

We’re focused on keeping the faith and staying hopeful! It’s a lot easier when you’re focused on what’s important!

…. here’s to round #2, trying again, and……. enjoying everything no bueno for preggo people! lol



  1. Tamika Mackey says

    Continuing to pray for you guys! Btw, after August, we SOOOO need to go shopping together. My mom loves all your dresses. We spent some QT time together on the internet tonight. 🙂

    • LOL! That’s cute!!! lol… I’d love to go shopping!!!! So fun! Tell your mommy I said “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!” 🙂 Thank you for your prayers and support! Truly appreciate them all!!

  2. OMG!! I so needed to read this!!! My 2ww is coming to a close this weekend, and I’m already having the “what will we do if the IUI wasn’t successful” thoughts! We’re only completing our first treatment, but you’re right, those doctor appts can be annoying!!! The doctors at FSH are great, but I find that my wait time is pretty long! *sigh* I guess I should calm down, and not think about the next step until I have to….

    • OH! Congrats!! How exciting!!! I’m hoping your treatment was successful!! …. I love FSH – they are so competent (except for the rude nurse I spoke with, lol) and caring! I was surprised at how much I enjoy working with them! That 2ww can be “strenuous” and it’s amazing the emotional ups and downs you go thru during that time! But, regardless of what happens – it is for the best and will be amazing in the end! I’m so excited for you!!!!! Keep me in the loop!!! And, YES – don’t think about the next step until you have to! Agreed! 🙂

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