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Hey everyone!

I hope your weekends have been going well so far! With the firework ban across most of the city, I’m not sure how exciting or traditional our Fourth’s will be but I hope yours will be just as memorable as they’ve always been!

I want to encourage you to please subscribe to the blog in order to keep up with what’s going on with us. I won’t be sharing my posts to Facebook as much anymore and would like for you to stay in the loop!

The picture I posted above is a menu item on the top right sidebar of my page. If you type in your email and click “Sign me up!” you willl recieve emails alerting you to when a new post is published. No spam. No annoying “info” emails. Just a “Howdy! New post by ….” sort of email. Short and to the point. I receive emails for blogs I’ve subscribed to and they are minimally invasive and keep me in the loop. I may not check the blog THAT day but I know if something is going on and can easily go back at my convience.

Thank you all for you support and love. You have been more wonderful than I ever imagined. Your thoughtful texts, emails, and posts never get old nor are they ever dismissed. We are blessed to have you in our lives and with us during this time in our lives. Thank you so much! I am truly grateful for you and appreciate you more than you know!

….. here’s to a firework-less Fourth, a lazy Saturday, and the sweet joy of summer!

Sidebar: I’m currently reading “Something Borrowed”, which is a fantastic read by the way, and it mentions how the Fourth marks the midway point of summer. I thought about it. And, they’re right. So. This is what I suggest we ALL do. EVERYTHING we said we wanted to do this summer that has yet to be done – DO IT! NOW!!! Times-a-wasting and we don’t have much summer left!!! I have a summer time bucket list that I’ve already started to knock down a few of my items…… what are YOU doing?! 🙂

Peruse these Top Hits of 1999 and see if they don’t remind you of summer and being young and carefree! Even though we’re not “young” and “carefree” anymore, summertime has ALWAYS represented that time of year where you can loosen up and enjoy this time of your life! You know you have some of these songs on you iPod (or on a cassette tape somewhere!) – whip em out and get to enjoying your rest of summer!!!!


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