… special delivery!

Happy birth day, baby Austin Alexander!

My friends, Roger & Jacci along with their daughter Audrey, welcomed a new addition to their family today, July 18th, at 8:19pm! Little baby Austin (quickly) graced us with his presence!! Momma was a trooper and naturally brought her son into the world; dad was right there with mom coaching and being a wonderful strength to her!

Austin, I was sooo thrilled to be apart of your entrance into the world & thank your parents for allowing me to take part in such an intimate day! It was incredibly amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed holding and cuddling with you during your first hour of life – you are so sweet and handsome!









You have excellent parents who will raise you to be an amazing man of God (& musician, I’m sure!!) and I look forward to being apart of your life as you grow!

I love you so much already and can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!

…. here’s to new babies, new life, and growing families!
p.s. please forgive the grainy pictures – iPhone pictures in dimmed light don’t always come out as nicely as the SLR! 🙂



  1. He is a cuuutie. So handsome. I have never witnesses water birth (besides on tv) how was the experience?? Did witnessing it make you want to consider it??

  2. That little baby looks like an angel so adorable,looking at a whole new world.

  3. Hey!! He is perfectly handsome!!! The experience was a-ma-zing!! I’d be there for big sister’s delivery but stayed in much longer for Austin’s …. I was considering it before Austin but watching Jacci labor & deliver shows you it can be done without all of the “extra”! LOL. It was definitely a perspective changing/solidifying experience!! Very empowering!

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