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I learned from the Revive Your Heart broadcasts that it is the “pride of life” that truly stops you from being transparent and open whenthere are so many people who need your stories and experiences. It’s knowing that your experiences can (and will) be frowned upon by some and whispered about by others. But, you also have to know and hold firm to the “why” you do everything you do. It’s for the glory of God. Exposing ourselves the most vunerable parts of ourselves is difficult but necessary in order to build the Body. Your testimonies and stories of victories in the faith help others to trust God for what He’s doing in their lives.

I believe one of the most fundamental aspects of life that our culture is missing is the ability to be teachable. This desire to remain ignorant, is of course, rooted in selfishness and pride and blinds us the ability of living a life free of many of the difficulties we bring on ourselves and staying in mediocrity when we don’t have to.
We are rejecting truths and traditions that are rooted in wisdom and accepting immorality and choosing to live our lives in darkenss in the name of independance and the freedom of choice. Sadly, we are raising generations of children and people who are foolish and selfish. We and our children are immoral, settling for the status quo, and too comfortable with Earthly pleasures to turn away from them to live a life for Christ.

As Godly mothers and fathers we are responsible to raising the next generation to be followers of Christ and leaders of men but are so focused on ourselves that we can’t see the needs of our children. We give them whatever they want to keep them quiet and out of our hair while neglecting to teach them the value in waiting, hard work, and discipline.
Our sons and daughters don’t know their worth or who they are in Christ so they are searching for all of the right things in the most illegitate of ways are we stand by and passively watch. We expose ourselves and chilren to music and television shows that are about the direct opposite of what we are should be living in the name of entertainment and comedy instead of pouring into them and protecting their innocence.

But, I, like many of you, I’m sure – desire to live a life that truly honors God. The pull to conform or be “just enough” like the world to fit in while attempting to not be of the world is a lot stronger than we’d like to admit. It’s a lot harder to resist than we’d like to confess. I’m not perfect and probably amongst the worst of the worst but I know that who I was and who I am today aren’t who I’m going to be tomorrow. I have the desire to be the best I can be and understand that my growth & becoming who God wants me to be will happen on His watch – I just have to be open to Him.

Piggy backing on my last post, I intended to write about how as younger women, we should always remain teachable. Willing to learn from the more mature women before us as we are to be role models to those women behind us as we mature. Knowing that age does not necessarily denote maturity or wisdom- we should also seriously evaluate where we are and who we are and seek out those Goldy women who are able to teach us in our area of immaturity. For the sake of the Body, for the glory of God.

How necessary is it to teach our children and those behind them the importance of self discipline and humility! Giving them the space to be effectively used by God…. teaching them that “right now” seems so much bigger than it truly is in the grand scheme of your life and how you have to sacrifice and let go of somethings in order to be who God wants you to be. How necessary it is to teach them that they are here in this world for themselves but for something so much greater – that their focus should not be on them but on God. How much more impactful could the Body be to itself and the world?

I’m quite sure these intense desires to be “perfect” & aquire as much as I can, as soon as I can is rooted in the effort required to have our own children and wanting to be the perfect model for our them. You take them, their lives, and raising them so much more personally and seriously. They’re so much more precious to you because you know, while not taking anything from parents who don’t have infertility issues, how incredibly special they are…. You’ve considered the real possibility of living life childless. You know that it’s not necessarily “a matter of time” before you’re blessed with them.

As a hopeful mother, I pray that I am able and fit enough to raise children who are on fire for Christ and bypass my mistakes, who are strong enough to not parktake in my sins but who are able to shine so brightly for Christ that they are able to lead others to Him.

While listening to Revive, I was challenged to face and deal with my past/current sins issues, my desires, and my way of life and to compare that to how God would have me to live. Challenged to always remain open to correction and to remain teachable…. to confess my sin issues (not only the acts) to God and asking for courage to face the “whys” and wisdom in handeling them. I was challenged in having God reveal to me how I can become more of who He would have me to be for Him, my husband, and the Body.

During the broadcast, they mentioned “walking in the light” and encouraged us to accept redeemption from past failures that come from the blood of Christ. They challenged u sto embrace God’s love and really come to know Him for who He is. To embrace the freedom that comes with salvation – trusting and believing that you are forgiven for everything you have done and could possibly do, exempt from the wrath and anger from God, and able to live life apart from the law. (Note: I am speaking directly to First Testament law not laws of the land as we are to honor laws put over us by authority figures.) “Let your conscious be your guide” has a totally different meaning after salvation – trusting that the Holy Spirit inside of you convicts or excuses you.

The broadcast was wonderful and I encourage you to take a few minutes to listen and gleen from it what you find necessary… but definitely with pen and paper! Open yourself up for self examination, ask God to reveal to you what He’d have you to see. Then, force yourself to take some time to deal with what you’re feeling and thinking and ask God for wisdom in dealing/addressing those issues.
The little book pictured above is a little journal that I keep so much info in, it’s ridiculous. I took notes in it today!! It’s my memory on paper – it’s full of prayers, notes from Bible studies (or radio podcasts!!), random info about everything, and lots of thoughts on anything. Perfect for quick note taking and the perfect size for toting along in your purse! Everything all in one place!

Sidebar: My dad used to play this song “Walk in the Light” in the house all the time…. immediately when I heard “walk in the light” during the broadcast, I was brought back and had to search for it online. I found a version that sounds similar to the one I heard as a child – not sure if it is but it’s Aretha Franklin’s version!!!

…. here’s to intentional growth, self examination, and the determination to be unselfishly more of what God wants you to be for the sake others.



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