… random favorites + holidays = love

This post is devoted to (amongst other things) my favorites……

Ello!!!! (My new favorite word (complete with British accent) to say!)

Just in case you were unaware, today is National Icecream Day! One of the best, most random holidays to have ever been inacted!! …… But, as an icecream lover – I enjoyed it thoroughly!!!

Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week….. it just screams “RELAXATION!” and I can’t help but to be pulled into the lull of it’s easiness.

This is what our Sundays look like:

…. church
…. brunch somewhere delicious (Today, Ruggles Green…. one of my favorite restaurants!!)

…. a bit of  lounging & TV watching







We were watching The Hulk (a movie I’ve never seen…..).
Our typical Sunday evening TV show line-up includes Thomas’ sci-fi shows, True Blood and Fallen Skies, and the forever entertaining Kardashians. (Now watching: Takers….. one of my fave movies).

& this was the extent of my participation in National Icecream Day…

A TERRIBLE picture but delicious nonetheless…

A few (random) things about me –
1. I love icecream, chewy candy, & Chipotle.
2. I love mangos, peaches, straw/rasp/black berries, & avacados.
3. I love music, movies, & OPI nailpolish.
… an extra – I absolutely love to read. I have so many books and plan to have a quite extensive, eccectic personal library. Complete with wall to wall bookshelves with a step-stool, a leather reading chair, and a cutesy lamp.

Haagen Dazs (my favorite brand of icecream) just happens to create the best icecream known to make kind in the flavors of strawberry, orchard peach, raspberry, & mango. Heaven on Earth. And, if they felt as if they didn’t have a handle on The Best Icecream Ever title – they made these perfect, little snack sized tubs that come with the cutest little scooper/spoon (let’s call them scoons) ever! The first time I devoured ate one of these snack sized treats I totally missed the scoon – I was soo excited about the icecream- and ate it with a regular spoon. Sadly, my snack was over in 3 spoonfulls and 3.3 seconds flat. I’ve used the scoon ever since… what a difference a smaller utensil makes in stretching out your snack! LOL.

Put my love for  mostly all of those things together and you have my Sunday nights…… Peaceful, restful, and completely cozy!

….. here’s to sultry summer nights, fantastic holidays created to embrace what we love, and to always, always keep in practice loving what makes our hearts swell!



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