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…. Monday night dinner

Thomas is the chef of the house. Very rarely do I cook a complete meal. Or, a half a meal to be quite honest. I usually only participate in the preparing the meal….. which is typically limited to preparing the salad! Which I’m very good at! My cooking expertise rest in baking and making chocolate covered peanut butter balls. I can cook other things but I’d prefer not to “cook”. I’d prefer to bake, create, and prepare.


I made an entire meal on my own – without Thomas interrupting or taking over – complete with dessert!
Thomas is making fun of me because I am quite proud of myself. I am getting more and more into cooking and I’m enjoying finding new recipes to out!

Tonight, I tried pasta with Sicilian meatballs from the Sunday Dinners magazine. I added the meatsauce and tomatoes to the pasta. Chose broccoli for our veggie.

For dessert, I made fruit salad and put it in Martini glasses. Our salad was made of blueberries, pineapples, strawberries, and kiwi. I mean, why not?! Fannnnnn-cy!!!!!!

I’d say dinner was a success….. I’m happy with how everything turned out and loved the fruit! Most importantly, Thomas really enjoyed it, too!! He even tweeted about it! lol. Thomas also wanted cinnamon rolls so we’ll see if we end up baking those tonight.

Yum. Yum. Yum.

….. here’s to many more tasty meals and recipes to try! ….. and second desserts!! (Haagen Dazs or cinnamon rolls are sounding really good right about now… hmmm)



  1. Awesome. Very creative. The dessert looks fantastic!!

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