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… hi, there!

As the summer quickly comes to an end…. there are a few things I wanted to wrap up and complete by Aug. 1.
1. gifts for about 5/6 different people
2. my reading list
3. “lazily” lounging (while I complete numbers 1 & 2 on my list. lol)
4. stay up all night and sleep in til 9a/10a and begin at #1

Then, thankfully, little Austin came along (about 11 days early) in just enough time for me to be able to snuggle him and spend a plethora of time with him & his family before heading back to work….. and, a college project resurfaced that I’m amped about creating for my classes this year. Therefore, my days are full of Austin and whatever else I have to do…. and my nights are full of the painting, pasting, organizing, thinking, planning, and blogging! 🙂
So that’s number 5 and 6 added to my list…. Makes my list complete and uber productive! lol

Today,  I hung out with little Austin and family… again!! He just gets more handsome by the day! I absolutely just love looking at him – especially when his eyes are open!
Does he not just draw you in?

These are a few pictures from my visit today…. He just makes my little heart melt! And, this HAIR! I love the swirl in the middle of his head. lol. Makes me giggle, lol.

I’m getting a little sister/sister time in, as well which is perfect and so fun. My little sister is growing up sooooo fast – I just look at her and shake my head at how lady like she is becoming! I’m enjoying these new conversations we’re starting to have and I’m excited about where they will go from here! She’s such a little lady!
We’re doing a bit of “career exposure” and visiting a local TV station tomorrow! She’s excited but I think she’s a little more excited than I am! Should be loads of fun & a good experience for her!
She had on this feather earring that I’m slightlyobsessed……… I HAD to get a picture. She looks gorgeous by the way!

…. here’s to sweet innocence and family/friends.


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