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… happy 29th

Happy 29th babe!

Today is Thomas’ 29th birthday! He’s getting up in years and I wanted to celebrate him and really show him how much I appreciate him and how much he means to me! 😉

 Thankfully for me, he’s truly simple and is very easy in what it takes to make him happy!
Last night, we went to a friend’s housewarming and out to Spotlight Karaoke to celebrate with friends! We had so much fun and are grateful for everyone who came out to celebrate with us!

((He’s excited…….. I’m just happy he’s happy!!! lol))

This morning, we went to Frank’s for a late breakfast/early lunch and took in the easiness of the day. He’s sooo sweet and I’m glad that he’s appreciating his day!

This one cook is HILARIOUS and has been apart of Thomas’ Frank’s experience for YEARS. A couple of the waitreses constantly ask us where we’ve been and how things are going with us. Everyone who works there is so nice and it’s very home-like. They’re kind of a hole in the wall who makes the best breakfast – you will definitely leave full and happy!

I gave Thomas one of his gifts today and can’t wait to give him the other! A little bit of Banana, one of his favorite stores!

Because, 2+9=11…..
Here are 11 Reasons why I am more than happy to celebrate you on your birthday.
1. You’re incredibly patient and loving.
2. You take your role as “husband” & leader very seriously.
3. You are so forgiving.
4. You’re a hardworker.
5. Your freedom in Christ.
6. You pick up my shoes.
7. I’m constantly learning from you.
8. You support me goals, ideas, and “do you thinks….”
9. You’ve taught to be RELAX.
10. You’ve taught me to wait.
11. You lovingly show me who I am daily and with acceptance support me in becoming better everyday.

Thank you for being who you are… You continuously challenge me everyday and I appreciate you more than you know! I’m honored to able to watch you become who you are to be and to have a hand in your growth! I promise to continue to grow more respectful as each day passes and even more supportive in you becoming “you”!
I love you!

… Get ready for your hot date tonight!!!

… here’s to many more years celebrating you!


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