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… dear, C

I know you don’t think your circumstances should bother me but you know they do…. They should. They should bother everyone around you who loves you, who holds you close to their hearts. My heart absolutely breaks for you.
I know there are no words, no amount of anything in this world that could ease your pain or make this time better.

You’re strong. You have a wonderful, strong husband beside you. You have friends who love you to pieces and are here for you – allow us to be.

Even though you know what the odds/changes/possiblities were when you started on this road – when worst case scenarios play themsevles out, it’s always a tough pill to swallow. A hard truth to face.

You’re strong. You can do it. This time doesn’t have to define the rest of your week or another day.  Face it head on, no chaser. Embrace every aspect that comes with “dealing with it” and do it. Cry. Deny. Feel the guilt. Get mad. Negotiate. Reflect. Turn it around. Work it out. Dust yourself off (purchase that new bag) & get back to your ‘isms’s and being “you”.

I admire your strength and courage to keep going when you wanted to give up, when you knew what you were up against. I’m so proud of you.

I’m here with you. I’m here for you. You are not by yourself.

I love you.


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