…. au natural

Doctor’s appointment day!!! (The crowd goes wild…. Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!)

Total sarcasm. LOL.


I’d so patiently waited for this day to come. Not only was it my first appointment after my treatment with my own doctor, but it was my opportunity to let him know my dissatisfaction with the nurses while he was gone! (He’d been on vacation for about a month so I had about 4 appts without him.)

Turns out, I learned a very valuable lesson that confirmed that I should always trust my gut and not refrain from putting nurses in their place because they don’t know more than I do…. not all the time anyway. My complaint to Dr. D was totally WORTH it and I wish I had first/last names along with descriptions. Another lesson confirmed. Get names no matter what you’re calling for.

OK. Seriously.

This doctor’s appointment was to either A.) plan my next treatment or B.) see our little jellybean.
Because my cycle came, we were there for Option A.

If you remember, I vented about Nurse Rudeness on this post …… turns out, Little Miss Rudeness was wrong. Very wrong. And Dr. D was incredibly apologetic about what happened as the nurse completely over stepped her boundaries.
Unfortunately, her error negatively affected my entire treatment. The medication I am prescribed before my IUI is time sensitive and because my appointment was not changed, I missed the window to take medication this cycle. So, we were left with two choices – 1.) try completely on our own this cycle or 2.) try insemination without medication.
We chose to try completely au natural. Medication/insemination combo gives us a higher chance than insemination alone so we chose to forego treatment all together this month.

Other than being a little annoyed at the nurse – I’m fine. No big.

Although, it’s a “stress free month” the heat is still on as we’re trying to get this done by August. LOL. Hopefully our plans will get the stamp of approval. 🙂

….. here’s to “having fun” for the rest of July!!


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