… update

For all you who read my most recent post, here’s an update.

I called my doctor & was able to speak to my nurse. According to her, if I did have my cycle right after my surgery, I’ll have to wait until JULY to have our IUI. If it is still to come, everything is still on course for treatment.

ALSO….. My nurse said Dr. D noted to put me on Clomid. Thomas, Dr. D, & I spoke about the possibility of being prescribed Clomid due to the effect of endo on my eggs before surgery. Of course, we’re willing to do whatever we need to and have no problem with being put on meds whatsoever.
Why the need for medication? Endo produces a fluid that could potentially be harmful to my eggs. Clomid helps you to ovulate & would increase the chances of me releasing more than one good egg.

My follow up appt is sched’d for June 7th and I’m desperately fighting the urge to call the doctor to see if there were any cancellations on any day before next Thursday so I could get in earlier. Yes, I’m THAT impatient.

I don’t even know what to hope for. Like I said in my last post, I’m trying not to push one way or the other because I know that all things will work out for me and God’s will will be done and is the best thing for me, for my family. I feel that staying “neutral” during this time will help me to deal with anything that comes much easier. We’ll see.

I do have to admit that I could possibly be a bit selfishly excited abt being put on Clomid….. dropping more than one egg means a greater chance for multiples and talk about a dream come true! Lol.

….. here’s to growing patience, neutrality, & trusting God.


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