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… tick, tock, tick, tock

….. just waiting for my cycle to come. I’m late one day & don’t feel a thing but we KNOW there’s nothing going on there…… lol.

Confusion and torture…. why?

FIRST, it’s delaying my baby making! Can’t have my ultrasounds until a couple of days or so before I ovulate. Can’t have my IUI until I ovulate. (((gawsh…..))

SECOND, I’d been planning since last year attend to my friends’ wedding in Fl. but because it was the weekend I was scheduled to have my ultrasounds/IUI I had to cancel. Each day that goes by without my cycle, pushes those events back…… which means, if it comes in another couple of days – I could have enjoyed the sunny beach & a beautiful wedding.

THIRD, I’m a bit confused because the doctor’s said to expect some bleeding post surgery AND that my cycle could start due to my surgery. I did bleed for about 4-5 days and it tapered off like a typical cycle would. I don’t think that was the “light” bleeding they were talking about. If that WAS my cycle, I’m due to ovulate very soon. I started using my OPK (check the definitions tab on the menu) last night and my line was faint so I could ovulate over the next couple of days. If it WASN’T my cycle- I need it to make it’s appearance soon!

I’ve already considered things not going according to schedule, according to my plan. I’ve considered that is “scheduling issue” could be what is best for EVERYONE (myself, Thomas, and hopefully our little baby bundle) so I’m trying not to really think of this in a negative light. I can’t see the future. I don’t know what is best so I’m glad that it’s summer and my schedule is incredibly flexible. I can schedule appointments WHENEVER and it won’t be too much of an issue.


OH…. also, a special little shout out to my friend who I had to educate on my issue! lol. Talk about wanting to understand and being uber supportive. Love it!

AH… and, here’s a pic of my new best friend. OPK’s! Yaaaaaay……..

……. here’s to waiting, ordering more OPK’s, and flexibility.



  1. I wish you and TC well! I enjoy reading and following your story, I knew nothing about infertility until you decided to share your journey publicly so I appreciate how informative this blog has been. I also think it is quite brave of you to share this journey with your family and friends, I’m sure it has been quite difficult to accept and cope with at times. I know both you and TC are believers and we all know that God has a plan for your lives and future family. I can’t wait to meet your little one when he/she makes their grand entrance into this world!

    • Ah! Thanks, Lauren! It was kind of kept close to the chest for a bit…. We found out we’d have some trouble last summer but really started to loosely plan/try on our own in Dec/Jan. Just recently in abt March/April did things really come to light. It has been a struggle and already quite a journey with all of the tests, procedures, and appts we’ve had but blogging about it has definitely helped!
      I appreciate your love and support!!!! Hopefully, I’ll be sporting a bump real soon and about meeting our bundle……. Whew! I can’t wait either – it would be more than anything ever imagined!!! 🙂
      Love you!

  2. Thanks for conitrubitng. It’s helped me understand the issues.

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