… swim little spermies!!

So per my friend Jessica’s request, I watched The Great Sperm Race today….. It’s quite interesting and very informative!! lol. It’s a documentary about conception from the sperm’s point of view. It goes into detail about everything the sperm has to go through to fertilize an egg from it’s orgin in a man’s body to the end point – the egg. (That’s the PG synopsis! LOL!) This documentary brings the whole experience to LIFE and it makes everything so much more clear than anything you could ever read in a book or online!

After watching this, I am so grateful for the headstart Thomas’ little spermies got when they were injected directly into my uterus – I feel so much more confident that there’s a greater chance that at least ONE made it to at least ONE of my eggs!!

Another thing the documentary so obviously points out (to me) – if you are here on this Earth. There is a reason. Although it seems like the easiest task in the world is to conceive because it seems like new babies are EVERYWHERE – with or without the “infertile” label- it is NOT… this show shows you that LIFE is truly a miracle. SO! You are exactly who and where God wanted you to be – explore and focus on your gifts and talents! Use them to impact the world!!

This is an encouragement post…. Dedicated to Thomas’ little spermies, telling them to “Swim, little spermies, SWIM!!!!” or rather more appropriately:

A clip from my one of my FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVORITE Disney/Pixar cartoons (I know ALL the words!) “Finding Nemo”!!! lol.

….. here’s to swimming spermies, having a little bit of faith, and to hopefully the picture of me and my niece being one of the last pictures of me having a flat tummy any time soon!!



  1. I just finished watching The Great Sperm Race (all 6 of them)…and I must say that after watching that, I almost feel sorry for the little guys. They have a lot to go through just to get to the light at the end….I am continuing to pray for you and Thomas. *Swim little spermies*

    • It was good, yea?!?!?!?! Did you like how they used people?! It is kind of sad, lol….. they work so hard only to not make it based on looks and decisions made! LOL! But, the good thing is – only the best of the best makes it to the egg!!!
      Thank you!!! <3

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