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… sib day at the ballpark

Today, Thomas and I, my brother and his girlfriend, my sister, and nieces all went to the Astro’s game to watch them whoop up on the Atlanta Braves!
It’s summer… I love baseball… And, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to spend time with my sib’s & go to a game!! It was a lot of fun and turned out to be a pretty great night. The girls had waaaay too much to eat and waay to much sugar. Really, way too much of whatever they wanted. But, hey! It’s summer… it’s their vacation… it’s a baseball game… why not?! lol. It was both my nieces first baseball game so it was pretty fun to experience that with them. I’m not sure if they cared too much but it was fun for me! 🙂 I, of course, took waaaaay too many pictures but with a fully functioning camera (smh) – I couldn’t help it!

Ariana is NOT a fan of taking pictures. The only way I got her to look at the camera in the picture below is pointing behind Thomas and saying “Baby!” but she pointed where I was pointing and says “Uncle T…” as if to say …”noooooo, that’s not a baby.” lol. She LOVES babies so much…. I had to use what I could. lol

*** Aliya is not pictured because she really wasn’t too into the camera today. Or the game. lol. She did, however, make a pretty sweet video for her mama that I posted on FB!

On the baby making front:
I am two days away from my next Dr. appointment and probably about three/four days away from my first treatment. How do I feel? NERVOUS. If I think about it. Otherwise, I seriously forget I even have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. Not only because there’s so much going on but also because I’m intentionally NOT thinking about it.

I tested today and it doesn’t seem as if I’m anywhere close to ovulating. Whatsoever. I was on Clomid last week and I know it can alter your cycle so am I worried? Kinda, though not too much. I’m hoping I didn’t ovulate early and miss it completely. I’m also hoping that I miraculously ovulate on my own by Wednesday. If I don’t ovulate on my own by Wednesday, I have to get a shot to “make” myself ovulate. Don’t ask me how I feel about that because I truly don’t know. I’ve already pumped a ton of EXTRA hormones into my body last week to make sure my little eggo’s mature and grow well; adding another dose of hormones it will require to MAKE myself ovulate has me on the fence. “Whatever it takes” has a whole new meaning. I just hope it’s worth it. Putting my body (emotions) through all of this is a bit taxing. If you remember that post I submitted a bit ago about becoming numb to a person or a situation… I’m feeling it. I’m hoping this is a funk that I will be out of very soon! Please. Please. Please. Pray for us. Pray for ME during this time. During the next few days – it could turn out to be a pretty big week for us!

Anywho… come what may. No expectations.

….. wonderful family days, over indulging just because, and to ovulating by Wednesday!


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