…. recorded sweetness

Yesterday evening, we dropped BOTH of our borrowed babes off to enjoy a little bit of time away from US! And, as much as I ADORED sleeping (in) until 7:30a and then going back to sleep at 9:50-ish and snoozing til after 12 o’clock noon…. I am do miss their little voices. We have our space back, we have the TV back, we have our little abode back to ourselves – but there’s nothing like sharing it with little people.


We are fortunate they are not here with us this weekend because Thomas has some random stomach bug and thankfully the little noisemakers aren’t here to catch it. It is something serious. But, no worries, I’m taking preeeeetty good care of him!!

How am I doing?

Pretty good! I haven’t thought too much about my circumstances or the success of the treatment. I am ready for the end of the week to get here, though! First, because I get to talk with my Doctor/Nurse about my ultrasound results. i.e. give them a piece of my mind with a quasi polite demand for answers. And, second, I get to find out our fate. Still have faith. Still trusting.

I do want to try and see one of my good friend’s new little baby boy but a little concerned about catching and passing whatever Thomas has to their house! Tomas (said with a Spanish accent) had a fever yesterday so I’m thinking he could be contagious. Between having the girls, working, and now Tomas being sick – looks like it may be another week before I meet this little man!!

We have a couple more days without kids. We get Ariana back on Tuesday and Aliya comes back later on this week. My sister and her loveman (just made that up! I find it quite endearing!! lol)

I recorded trips to the grocery store, car rides, and random “say this” of the girls… and, of course, Aliya recorded video’s which  is her favorite thing to do. All of this documented sweetness is the only thing that gets me through the day! ***dramatized, soap opera hand to forehead*** ((SECRET: I actually listened to these this morning while laying in bed…. LAME ALERT!!!))

I couldn’t upload the audio files but I’m going to try to find a way to beat the system. LOL. In the meantime, enjoy our little Entertainment:


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