… post op

I had my post op appointment today and was not too thrilled with it. My stand in doctor ( Dr. D is in Italy. I’m here jealous and dying to go before I leave the good Earth!) was allllright but compared to Dr. D – she sucked.  She didn’t check my incision sites and forgot to show me AND give me the pictures that were taken of my insides from surgery. -2 pts for being inefficient.

Everything seems fine….. All polyps, scarring, and endometriosis were removed so that’s good. I have been put on Clomid to help with ovulating….. Clomid can alter your cycle so I have to be adamant about using my OPK to make sure I’m ovulating. I may or may not ovulate on my usual day so we’ll see. I haven’t ordered anymore like I should have so I’m hoping I have enough to last me the next week or so.

I had an ultrasound to check my follicles at this point and everything looked fine. Side rant: WISH doctors would forever erase that word OUT of their vocabulary. What does that mean? Ugh… Anyway. I have to have ultrasounds to monitor my follicles growth and maturity. The follicle is a little fluid filled sac that houses the egg. The ultrasound can tell us size of the egg and how close it is to releasing, which is ovulation.

On Wednesday, June 15, I’ll have another ultrasound and will have my follicles checked. If I’m ovulating, we’re good to go for the IUI. If I am NOT ovulating, I’ll have a shot that will cause me to ovulate and we’ll do the IUI the next day or so.

So, in the meantime. I’ll be taking my Clomid and using my OPK. I didn’t re-order like I should have but I’m hoping I have enough to get me through the next week or so. I’m also praying that after this, my next ultrasounds will be to check my little bug – NOT to check my follicles!

Nevertheless, everything is fine. I’m exhausted and will try to take a little nap for the next 45 minutes before I have to get started again with the girls. {{I LOVE naptime!!!}}

….. to ovulating, medication, and rest.



  1. Wow! I hate when I have an unpleasant doctor’s visit…I remember when we first moved here, everyone recommended the OB/GYN’s that work with the Women’s Center so I chose one and she was horrible. Her bedside manner was rough, rushed and aggressive. She wasn’t very friendly, talkative or explanatory, but I continued seeing her for an entire year. I was afraid to go somewhere else and I was hoping she would warm up to me, but never did. I ended up leaving and finding a great OB with a different medical group and I have been very pleased with his bedside manner and everything. It’s important to be 200% comfortable with your OB/GYN because bringing a child into this world is serious business and you want someone who is patient-centered. Glad to hear things are well with you other than that!

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