… O – joy!

I want to thank our family and friends for loving on us during this time in our lives…. it’s been interesting to say the least. While we knew what to expect (I’ve read probably much to much) so I’m not surprised logically about what we’re going through. I’m glad for the heads up that my curiousity/research/questions afforded me. It makes a lot of the adjustment easier. Emotionally, it’s a struggle. In those emotional moments – logic rarely wins. Thank you for your kind, uplifting words. Your sharing. Your support. Your love. For being with me and making your love known. It does not go unnoticed. It means a lot.

Today, I had an ultrasound appointment to check my follicles so that we know when we’d have our IUI. Again, I’ve been very blasé about this whole process because I really don’t want to get my hopes up. I’d tested and had negative OPK results (meaning, it showed I was not nor anywhere near ovulating), I was a bit curious about what was going to happen at my appointment but not shook. ***high five*** I knew that if I I wasn’t ovulating, they would give me an injection to help me out a bit. However, I was afraid I had totally missed ovulation and would have to wait another month before we could have treatment. Clomid can totally throw your cycle out of whack so I knew it was a chance of missing or ovulating later than usual.

During my ultrasound, the tech had some issues with finding my left ovary. ((No worries, everything is fine.)) And, trust me when I said she looked. HARD!! LOL. And, she is very good about not giving once little ounce of information about what she’s so fervently searching for or looking at. I KNOW she’s not supposed to but geez… after her Where’s Waldo search she could’ve at least let me know everything was still in tact. I hope she wasn’t offended at my response to her statement —> “I have to do some looking …” My response “You sure do!” OUCH, lady. Chill.

After the ultrasound, I met with our wonderful nurse Maria! And she broke down all of the ultrasound results for us and educated us about what to expect next…..

Egg follicles have to be 21mm or larger in order to be considered mature. The mature egg that is released during ovulation is ready for fertilization. Typically, one mature egg is released per cycle. However, I was given meds to increase the number off HEALTHY eggs (read, more than one) that are to be released during ovulation. So far, I have  5 eggs that could be released. They are 21, 20, 15, 12,11 mm eggs. The 21 and 20 mm eggs will definitely be ready and mature upon release. The 15 and 12 mm MAY be ready… follicles typically grow .5 mm a day BUT with the new medication I was given, they can grow much faster AND helps me ovulate. So, I could potientially have 2-3, maybe 4 mature follicles released when I do ovulate.

About this new Rx. It is called Ovidrel. I was put on this medication to help my little follies grow and the trigger their release (i.e. Ovulation). And, as you can see from the picture above – it came in a syringe. And, YES. I had to inject myself. I don’t think Thomas really wanted to. The injection site was to be below the belly button as it is usually the fattiest part of your belly. We were to squeeze a bit of “fat” and inject the Rx there. I will (try) to not ever complain about my size again. Thomas’ job was to squeeze and the man had trouble getting a good grip. No more complaining for me. Hopefully. I successfully injected my medication and with no drama. The toughest part was fully inserting the needle underneath my skin. I was a bit nervous about poking myself but it was seamless. It stung a bit but we got it done!! It reminded me of the Greys’ episode where McDreamy injected Mer in the elevator. It was just like that! lol.. Except we had a different injection site! lol

SO. I had my ultrasound and injection. We are having our IUI 36 hours post injection which is THIS Friday morning at 9:30a.

What does this mean?

We could get pregnant this month.

My next appointment is about two weeks later (July 7th). At this appointment, if I haven’t had my cycle (which is due July 1st) they will give me a blood test to see if our first cycle of treatment was successful- i.e. if I am pregnant.

I am humbled. As I type “…if I am pregnant” I am truly humbled and in awe that we could actually conceive over the next few days. That God would choose us to raise little Baby Mayes-es and bless us with little noisemakers.

How. Amazing.

The empty syringe.

I’m at peace with this whole situation. Truly. Not anxious. Not stressing.

Just peaceful. I’m hoping I stay this way. I hope I don’t stress. I hope I enjoy the journey. I hope this works.

… to extra – ordinary meaures, to possibilities, to life.



  1. Truly happy about your progress. God is writing your story. It is already done just live it. Love to the nth degree.

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