…. morning surprises!!

I was cleaning up from breakfast this morning when I responded to the “ding!” on my phone….. Lo and behold, I have an FFM message from my friend Jessica. I open it.

And, this is what I see.

I literally started jumping up and down and screaming! I scared my niece and friend, Amy! I’m still so overwhelmed with joy and wonder for her!! She and her husband have been trying for 6 months to conceive and it happened for them!!! It’s perfect!

I’m so happy for you and proud of you!! I’m already getting pictures of random items, companies, and little things I’ve found online together to flood her inbox…. All I can say is “Wow.”

Jess, thank you for choosing me to share your exciting, mind blowing news with! I am astonished and amazed! Life has been created inside of you!!! LOL…. I know we have all the apps to keep us in the loop about what’s going on inside your little womb – I’m excited to go on this journey with you! Hopefully, we’ll be going along and experiencing everything together very soon and we’ll be able to chat about everything happening with us! ….. Whether we journey together by experiences or as supporters – know I am here with you and for you!!!!

WoW!! 😀

Here’s a little picture to solidify what blew your mind this morning!

YES!!! It is real. YES!!! It finally happened!!! YES!!YES!!!!! YES!!!


“I” as in YOU… “I” as in me, too!! lol

Whether pink or blue…. your dream has finally come true!!! Celebrate, have a great time… dance the night away, daydream with delight for there’s no greater reason to cork the wine!!!

I am thrilled for you. I can’t say that enough! You guys will be excellent parents and I’m so thankful that God chose THIS time to share a little bit of Himself with you two!!!

Hold your belly, dear! You’re carrying precious cargo!!! ((I know you can’t stop staring and rubbing it………………….. lol.)) Enjoy every single moment! What a birthday gift!!!!

Love you!!

…. to surprises, new life, and pure wonder!!



  1. All I can say is “I love you”. The joy that you are experiencing with your friends is the same joy I felt knowing that you were growing inside of me. How proud I am to be your mother. You too will be a proud mama very soon. Again – love you.

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