….. M.I.T.

M.I.T = Mommy In Training

This is exhausting.

The Plan for the Day:
• Take Thomas to the school
• Galleria for dress shopping
• AT&T
• Target
• Nap/Lunch
• Grocery store w/ everyone
• Graduation w/ everyone

I’m proud to say we were able to mark everything off of our list up to “before” except the AT&T store.

Target is always an adventure and wasn’t too rough. We handled that pretty well and didn’t end up too ANYTHING we didn’t go in for – except for an outfit for Ari! Lol.

The Galleria is another beast. We went to look for a dress for a wedding we have tomorrow thought it would be a piece of cake. It wasn’t a piece of cake but definitely wasn’t disastrous!

These things did make it a bit more difficult than when you’re shopping sans children –
1. I didn’t have a stroller & had to carry a two year old (albeit a SMALL two year old) around the entire time.

2. Potty runs in the Galleria are NOT fun.

3. I “had to” buy two outfits from a store because taking your time and perusing solo (or without a second buddy) is pretty impossible. So to save time, patience, & sanity – I tried on a dress (while two kids danced in a mirror and blocked my view!! Lol) and just bought the other outfit. Worked out well for me either way! Lol. Maybe they should come along alllllll the time!

4. When shoe shopping w/ a six year old – expect them to want to try shoes on too….. Needless to say, we QUICKLY left that store with the employees still smiling I’m SURE due to Ari waving & blowing everyone kisses.

5. Play courts = salvation. 15 mins of play and we’re ready to hit the road.

We came home, I fed them a quickie lunch and put them to sleep. I sweep, mop, and prep their outfits for tonight.

Then, I relax w/ abt 25 mins before it’s time to get ready for a graduation. Two hours before it’s time to go. I have THREE people to get ready now! Smh.

All kidding and adjusting aside – the day went pretty well……… I’m excited to see how much better Thomas and I get to managing our time and understanding a two year olds jargon.

So much fun! I’m enjoying it so far. Just tired!! Lol. 🙂

….. Here’s to a new level of exhaustion, preparation, & very little “me” time! Lol.



  1. Articia Freeman says

    good job 🙂 and yes the stroller will make it much easier, & of course Aliya is a shoe diva LoL, and they do LOVE to dance and mirrors make dancing even more fun. Kiss my babies for me, I will call them in a little bit.

    you’re doing an awesome job 🙂

  2. You’re getting great practice. It is a bit of a challenge at first but you get use to it.

    • Thanks!!!!!! We’ve had them before so we knew a bit abt what we were getting into but this time we’re doing more every day, regular stuff so it’s a bit more challenging!!! 🙂

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