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… it’s done!!!

We did it!!!!
We had our IUI this morning and although it was a bit uncomfortable – we made it through!!!!

And, I’m as excited as ever!!!!

I went through a bit of an emotional roller coaster between last night and now. I was still a bit unenthused this morning but as time went on and we went through everything we had to, excitement began to settle in.

Before the procedure, the nurse showed me the washed specimen she was inserting into my uterus…….. They only take the best of the best! The ones that are shaped and formed correctly and swim forward! …. And, there were 20.37 MILLION of those!!!! And, they were moving pretty good, too – 77% motility after the wash!

Afterwards, I had to lay on the table for about 15 mins……. I was a bit nervous/excited and was like, “Thomas! Let’s pray!” so we prayed asking God to bless us with a little one! As I was getting dressed, I rubbed my belly and encouraged the little “spermies” to swim!!

Yesterday, I was at my mom’s and had Ariana (my 2 yr old niece) and after picking her up, my mom was told me “no more picking up the baby!” ……. Although it’s going to cause a bit of inconvenience, I will obey (lol) because I do think it’s for the best! No stress!! It will make a few things more difficult -like bathing, putting her in the car, brushing teeth, etc – but we’ll get through it!!!!

We’re hoping that we have a least ONE winner out of the twenty million….. Along with the fact that they have a few options to choose from – hopefully, one or two can get it done!!!
We were also told to follow up with bd’ing tonight and tomorrow morning! It will up our odds a little bit!

Our odds look pretty good – I’m just hoping we’re on the upside of that 35% chance of getting pregnant this cycle!!

Right now, I’m feeling okay. Having very slight cramping but I’m guessing that’s normal!!

Pray with us, pray for us!

We’d appreciate it!!!!!!

….. here’s to super swimming spermies, healthier eating, and being catered to during this 2ww TRUSTING that we’ll be growing a little one!!!!

****already feeling a ton of joy and love****




  1. You guys are always in our prayers. I always ask God to give you the desires of your heart. Now I am asking for baby Mayes. I know he is able. He blessed me with you when the doctor said no. Life begins.

  2. YAy!! Good luck!!

  3. nearly in tears because I am so excited for you! Andre and I will have a special prayer session for you two tonight! Hugs and Kisses.

  4. Praying for you. And also, I think “Super swimming spermies” should be your new slogan or something!

    • Lol!!! Thank you!!!! Gotta love all the words I randomly make up!!!! If we’re successful – that will DEFINITELY be a post title!!!!!

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