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… i like it

The house is oddly quiet tonight – the girls are gone for the weekend and we have a weekend to ourselves. Peace.

I thought I’d be right back at my old antics, doing what I was doing PRE-teeny, tiny visitors but.. not so much. I already miss the rowdy, playfulness of their voices and their little presence!

But…. I’m glad for the rest, the peace, and less responsibility. I’ll be able to “be” without worrying about or being concerned for two other little people.

The noise, crying, playing, snuggling, requests, etc are missed.

I liked it.


I LIKED the little knocks on the door in the morning complete with an “Alaina….. “, “Nay-Na”…. giving baths, putting to bed, cuddling, arbitrary kisses and hugs. I liked watching/listening to the girls play, buckling them in their car seats. I liked picking them up from school. I liked dropping them off in the morning – even though we were late because so much is happening in the morning. I liked being responsible for more than myself. I liked talking about Jesus at Bible study. Even though I was/am tired – the reason I was tired is one I cherish and love. Taking care of these two little girls even for a few weeks is so sweet! I’ve missed them and it’s so incredibly nice to have them back, to hear their voices, to listen to them talk, to play, and (soon) go to Museums, the Zoo, & other kid friendly activities. lol. For a few days, I’ve enjoyed feeling what it is like to have your own little people.

It’s true what they say about children and the joy they bring to your home. They definitely add a lot of something that IS missing and often unnoticed until you get a little taste. I’m sure they were speaking of those well behaved children who are STILL children but a true joy to be around because they’re self/parent disciplined, obedient, etc and are easier to manage than those who are NOT any of those things and a headache. (You know they exist. LOL. And, if you don’t – I’m a teacher and will promise you that they do. One makes life a joy, the other miserable.) The two I’m borrowing – are being raised/trained to be a joy. So, I like them. lol.

Until I have my very own noisemakers…. until my borrowed noise makers come back… I’ll enjoy my peace.

…. to my little borrowed noise makers, children’s “innocence” and smiles, and to realized missing pieces.




  1. Aliya is getting so big, so fast. I cant believe she is about to be a first grader!

  2. Articia Freeman says

    I am glad you are enjoying my little noisemakers. I am glad that you guys did this. they are sooo happy to be there. and yes Aliya is NOTHING but LEGS !!!!! idk where she gets it from.

    • We are enjoying them very much! Have some fun ideas planned for them – hopefully we can do them all while they’re here! They seem to be enjoying themselves, so that I’m glad about!! 🙂 Try to make it memorable.


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