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… frustration!!!

I had a very dramatic phone conversation with a nurse about my appointment.

Long story short. I apparently have another polyp that’s grown over the past month. If my treatment wasn’t successful, I can’t take any meds or have a second treatment until the new little polyp is taken care of. Which means having it removed. Which means having another surgery.

The nurse was a bit insensitive to put it nicely. After she told me about the polyp, I informed her that I’d just had a treatment and was concerned about the effects of the polyp if the treatment was successful. Her response –> “Even if you did fertilize, there wouldn’t be a place for it to implant……..” I think I must have said “Excuse me?!” because then she says something along the lines of “If you did implant, women have pregnancies with polyps all the time.”

Shout out to my girl Courtney who helped calm me and rationalize the whole situation. I was ready to hunt down my doctor who is vacationing in Italy or call my nurse on her cell. Best case? Worse case? …. UGH. Thanks for being there and chatting it out with me. Love you!!

Why the big deal?

Well. I had an ultrasound on the 15th and that is when the tech made the note in my chart that I may have a “possible polyp”. Which is also the day I was given Rx and was scheduled for my IUI that was on the 17th. They don’t give Rx to people with “issues” because they can help grow the fibriod. And, my polyp is located on my uterine lining – if my little fertilized eggo tries to implant where the polyp is, it won’t be able to.

Best case scenario:

My treatment was successful and I’m able to carry to term with no issues.

Worst case scenario:

1. I have to have another surgery to remove another polyp. Which means more money and treatments on hold for a month. 2. These polyps are growing by the month and who knows what that will mean. (Oh yea… I’m supposed to be looking up foods that could possibly increase the growth of fibroids.)

Bad news doesn’t end there…

I won’t get any answers until towards the end of next week. Which is also about the time I’ll find out if my treatment was successful or not. ((fervently prays))

Trusting GOD. Trying to be positive. Trying not to drive myself crazy with the “what if’s” and imagined worst possible possibilites. I’m already disturbed at the fact that I could possibly have to wait until AUGUST to have another treatment. But… there I go with diagnosing and predicting.

Trying to remain positive. Hopeful. And, faithful………………………………….. Last night, Thomas told me to read my own words. I’ll try.

….. here’s to just believing God.


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