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…. eventful beginnings!

I stay up late NOW not because I’m watching a movie or because I’m not tired….. I stay up late because it is now the only time I have to myself. Sleeping husband. Sleeping kiddos. Exhausted Alaina has a moment to blog and unwind……. Ahhhh!! Hear that? Shhhh!!!! Aside from the snoring husband, it’s peace and quiet. ***exhales***

                               Weekend Top 4

4. Pool fun!!! Saturday morning before it got tooo hot, we went down to the pool for a little sun and swimming! We did more splashing than anything but I’m sure the girls enjoyed being carried around in the water by their super strong aunt!! (Thank God for buoyancy!!) Ariana is NOT afraid of the water and proved that by attempting to lower herself in a few times… and Aliya (thankfully) got over her fear and was able to stand in the 3 ft 6in side of the pool and hold her breath to put her face (halfway) under the water! I was proud of her! She was able to have so much more fun that way. Hopefully, by spending most of our super days poolside,  Thomas will be able to give her a few mini lessons and maybe have her floating or SOMETHING by the end of the month!! I’m so glad they had a blast (and conked out) afterwards….


3. My little cousin Allison graduated from Dawson High School!!! Very exciting times… I must say that I did almost cry during the ceremony but held it together like a champ! I’m so proud of her! She’s becoming such a little lady! I’m excited to see what she accomplishes and how she will continue to grow and mature! Fun times ahead!! 🙂 CONGRATS, ALLIE!!

2. The Malone wedding…… The sweetest! I loved it! I wish we could have enjoyed the reception a bit longer but we had to pick the girls up so we dipped out a bit early!! I enjoyed EVERY bit of it – I know they truly love each other and are committed to living/having a Christ centered life/marriage. It’s always nice to celebrate this new beginning in a couple’s life when you know they are rooted and have great examples and foundation. I’m very proud and excited for them! More than glad that we were able to share in their day! Congrats you two! Love you to bits and pieces!!!! Here are a couple of pictures of the bride and I, as well as Thomas and I with a couple of friends!



A most anticipated day for a whole entire WEEK!!! ……………. My cycle arrived! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

Why is this such a big deal?  A couple of reasons….

2. I have endometriosis. Because of this little snafu, my cycles are INCREDIBLY painful and uncomfortably, insanely heavy. The surgery I had was to remove the scarring caused by endometriosis and any polyps that were present. Even though, with every cycle, endometriosis grows back – I was curious to see how I would feel the very first cycle I had post surgery. WHAT A DIFFERENCE A LITTLE LASERING MAKES!! I have cramped some but I will take a pain level of 3 any day over the 300,0000,000 pain level I usually feel. What a relief! ((THANK YOU, GOD!!!)) My cycle has been steady but a bit lighter, as well. I was hoping for an incredible difference but I will NOT complain about the relief I feel….. I am so much happier!! Lol. I didn’t even mind singing Itsy Bitsy Spider & Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star repeatedly!


1. I can FINALLY plan to have my IUI. I have my follow up appointment on TUESDAY so I am a bit interested to see how everything went, look at the pictures that were taken during surgery, and put our next plan of action into motion!

Eventful beginnings!!

From graduations, trusting ourselves inspite of fear, marriages, and seemingly simplistic beginnings of a new plans….. We are/I am so blessed to be able to take part! To experience such feats and steps – it’s exciting!! There are always new challenges and miles to cover with every new step we take – whether we are ready or not! I look forward to the beginnings of EACH and every one of the new starts I experienced this past weekend and can’t wait to see what’s in store!!

I am excited. I am realistic. I am optomistic. I am challenged. I am trusting. I am ready.

Ready to fill these next two weeks with STUFF so I can relax my mind/body before my first treatment… then, ready to fill the two weeks after that with more STUFF so I can relax my mind/body for when find out if God created a little bug or not!!  Needless to say, my next month will be busy to keep me busy and occupied!!! I’m realistic about the reality of the treatment not working and will start to think through the two “What If’s” that are possible as that day approaches. But, not today. Not tomorrow. But a month from now. THAT is when I will start to think. Until then, I will be casting my cares and concerns on the Lord to let Him handle it. Then, a month from now, I’ll do the samething. And, work to continuously do so until it’s habit and I have literally not a care in the world!!  🙂

OH boy…. it begins!

….. here’s to great beginnings, counting cd’s and using OPK’s again, and casting my concerns on Someone who can actually do something about them!!



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