… books! books! books!

I have a Summer Bucket List. One of the To Do items on the list are to read three books – The Help, Something Borrowed, and Pray Big for Your Marriage: The Power Of Praying God’s Promises in Your Relationship.

So, Ariana and I took a quick trip to Borders to pick up a few things.

Of course they had every book besides the one I really wanted. I have to order online. (At least I get fun mail, right?! Right.) Ariana got to do a little browsing, too. We read over a few books before selecting the one we wanted most. Unfortunately for Ari, she wanted a book full of different babies faces but Auntie wouldn’t let her have it. (Sorry, kid.) So we debated between two ….

Reading lots of Hungry Little Caterpillar and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. L O V E. 

And, we clean up when we’re done……

The girls officially leave on Saturday morning. It’s been fun. It’s been tiring. Stressful. Enjoyable. Stressful. Expensive. It’s been a month full love love, laughter, and lots of cudding an snuggling.

Bye girls. Thanks for spending your month with us. For the entertainment. The videos. The pictures. The stories. Dances. Voice recordings. And, songs. Car rides home won’t be the same without you. Neither will our home. We love you so  much and can’t wait for you to come back!!


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