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 If these past few weeks have done anything for us – it’s given us a taste of what life after children looks like.

It’s tiring. It stretches you beyond comfortability and your own boundaries. You do things you wouldn’t normally do or even WANT to do. Things you never thought you could ever imagine doing.

You wipe bottoms. Dirty ones. Your television is permantely on what “everyone wants to watch” (Aliya) – i.e. Disney shows, random cartoons, and just about any show animated. During car drives there is lots of loud screaming, laughing, and talking… some of which is allowed and entertaining but other times is borderline suicide. Especially after a long day’s work while running errands and before getting dinner. It’s pushing 6p and everyone is very hungry. All of these details don’t make for happy kiddo’s on the tail end of the errand running…. Tired, frustrated children are trying to tell you something that you just can’t understand while trying to watch this show that “everyone wanted to watch” while piled high on the couch. Then you realize she wants water. Which requires you to get up. From up under two other people. Just after you found the most comfortable uncomfortable position after going on a potty run.

These observations may seem quite obvious….. And, although they are things you know to expect when you sign up for procedures, inject/injest a ton of extra hormones, and have little swimming spermies deposited into the home you WANT a little person to grow – there’s nothing like learning from experience.

Ironically, while taking this picture, we were watching Shrek Ever After. Shrek and his family are at a birthday party for his 1 yr old triplets and Shrek has become very annoyed with the monotony and routine that has shaped his life. He has made a deal with a crafty trickster to get one free day pre-Fiona. Before having kids, taking out the trash, and changing diapers. Before having your normal “unwind after work” time was interrupted with chores and the typical To Do Lists of life. He just wanted some quiet time. A few days to sleep in. A few hours to relax on the couch. To enjoy a couple of drinks after work.

At the end of the day, you don’t mind the loud screaming, laughing children because you know they are happy and enjoying themselves. You smile and laugh at them echoing each other and making each other laugh because it makes you happy that they’re so happy. You don’t mind the endless chatter about make believe friends so much because you appreciate their creativity and humor. The snuggling. The elbows in your belly. Hands pressing on sore boobies while a little person adjusts to be comfortable (while making you uncomfortable) because you know one day they won’t want to snuggle with you while watching TV. Or at all. The spilled food on the floor – no big deal. At least you’re eating at the table together.

Just like Shrek, you recognize that your new normal is better than any “previous” you could have imagined. You’re stretched beyond yourself and realize that the new you, the one who’s character is improving, is making the life of someone else better, which in turn is making you better. These litle people who have the propensity to bring out the worst in you – if you allow yourself to just enjoy the moment. To be present with your babies. To allow yourself to let them grow your patience, your courage, and ability to show grow grace and mercy. You will find that the same little people that have the ability to bring out the worst in you, also have the ability to bring out the best in you as you bring out the best in them. If you let them.

When the girls are at their craziest, when I’m ignoring to save my sanity – Thomas will jokingly ask, “So this is what you want?!” LOL. And, everytime, I nod and say, “Yes. It. Is.” And, then laugh and shake my head at the craziest, most insane desire I’ve ever had.

This is a little snipet of what we (both seperately) had to endure while the other was inside wherever running a quick errand.

SUPER SWEET STORY #3: The two additional little people in our house think every question or remark made to the other adult is for them. A “Whatcha doing, babe?” is answered by one little voice, a smaller echo, and after laughing – the person the question was originally directed to. Nothing sweeter.

This is also what I know…. A few weeks of taking care of a 6 yr old and a 2 yr old cannot ever compare to the consistent months and years of caring for a child from day one. But, I also know that it doesn’t take that long to miss quiet evenings, freedom, and comfort. And, takes even less to appreciate the life and love that children bring to your home.

…… here’s to cartoons and the Disney Channel. Tag team running errands. And, um….. rushing to finish a blog before bathing a cranky kid who “wants to go to bed really bad.”




  1. Articia Freeman says

    You know Alaina you have given me a completely different outlook on my kiddos. Of course I love them and cheris them but I times I must admit that I am stressed, and tired and cranky myself and dont take really appreicate all of the moments that we have. I get tired of watching Hannah Montana, and Dora and Zack and Cody, or singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. I take it for granted. I take them for granted. I want you to know that this blog isnt just for those going through what you are going through but should also serve as a reminder to those of us with children to take a step back and make sure that we enjoy those moments. Not to just skim through life but to actually take time to smell the roses.


    • Thanks, sister! That means a lot. I think as people we can all get wrapped up in the daily hub-bub of life and forget to focus on a lot. But, nevertheless, I’m glad I was able to remind you!!

  2. Love it!!!

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