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… weekends


… this is was weekends were made for.

Spending time with friends.

Taking pictures.

And, relaxing.

There’s nothing greater.

Spent Saturday with friends in Dallas celebrating an upcoming wedding…… Took some great pictures (hope they think so too!!) ….. had an ammmmmazing time at church……. came home and relaxed.

The only bad part – after effects of surgery. On Sunday. Five days later.

I’m feeling much better in terms of surgical pain, I guess now I’m just feeling the “after shocks”?! Idk. Dr. D said to expect to feel as if he “punched me in the stomach” post surgery…. Sir, I’m sorry, but I feel more like an amazon of a horse stepped on me with his enormous, little hoof. I could take a punch to the gut! This pain could knock you down. It was more dull, heavy pain right in your core that ran pretty deep …. if that makes any sense. ((Gotta love my descriptions, yes?! lol.)) After a bit of denial & refusing, I finally took some OTC Tylenol. I haaatttteeee taking medicine with a passion and I usually try to suffer through pain, but I lost the battle today. lol. I’m feeling much, much better and won’t hesitate or wait as long the next time!

….. here’s to recharging, excellent friends, and most importantly pain relief!



  1. I meant to comment when you first posted, but I didn’t get a chance to. Now that in catching up on all the blogs, u can comment. Now ( in my momma voice)…didn’t I tell you that that drive by yourself would be too much? The drive was that “horse huff” that you felt the next day! It happens all the time (after surgery, that is). I am glad that you got the relief that was needed, but next time, please dont be hard headed…… PLEASE????….. However, we truly appreciate you celebrating with us. My family also loved the support of my Houston family. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Take care my love (please?). Love you to pieces…..always in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Soooooooo funny!!!!!!! I will do!!!! Even though the “horse stuff” was expected! Lol!!! I’m glad I was able to celebrate with you guys, too!!!! I loved it!!!! Love you, too!

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