…. surgery


Who is ever excited about having surgery? Nobody but ME, I’m quite sure!

I’m guessing no one but it also depends on why you’re going under the knife. For me – I was a bit excited but anxious about the results. Under the circumstances, I was worried about what would be found and if my doctor would be able to remove all scarring, polyps, and endometriosis so that we could move on with baby making!

We got to the hospital and had to fill out tons of paperwork (that was held hostage until we made quite a large payment – which I thought was funny) and headed to back to give a sample and answer questions. I don’t think I’ve been quizzed about my name and birthday so much since I was probably learning those fun little facts… I guess they were trying to make sure I was lucid?? After I changed into my gorg blue and white gown and oh so fancy blue hat, Thomas and my dad came back to chat and wait for the doctor.  While we waited for the doctor, I was given numbing medicine in my right hand (which made it tough to use my phone – how dare they!) and my IV was started. It took some effort because they couldn’t find my veins – which NEVER happens but because they dehydrate you pre surgery (forbidding food/drink after midnight the night before) it was expected. Dr. D came by with a resident, and spoke to us about what to expect, I asked a question or two (as always), and was on my way.

The news: Pre surgery, my uterus could be considered a “hostile environment”.   I had endometriosis below my uterus (bottom part of pelvis) and scar tissue on my right ovary. Because of the scarring my fallopian tube  couldn’t do it’s job – pick up eggs. Besides that, the scarring on my ovary acted as a cast and couldn’t release any eggs. Even if my ovary did release eggs, it sounds like the scarring on my fallopian tube made it difficult to move like it’s supposed to in order to catch the eggs anyway. Dr. D lasered the scar tissue away and  released right ovary – basically removing the cast- and treated the endometriosis in my uterus. On a scale from 1-4, I had  stage 2 endometriosis. Normally, a couple has a 20 – 25% chance of getting pregnant without any roadblocks. With stage 2 endometriosis, our chances of getting pregnant on our own were  2-4% percent. I would have NEVER been able to get pregnant on my own and I’m sure the chances would have slowly decreased as with each cycle, as endo gets worse with each cycle. So, post surgery, the  odds of getting pregnant are up to  to mid/upper teens – not quite the normal range but much better than single digits! We will move forward with treatment that will be mapped out in further detail at our post – op visit in a couple of weeks. I am very happy with the results of the surgery and my doctor. I’m grateful we were proactive in setting up our initial appointment as things were much worse than we imagined…. and, even more grateful that I have a happy uterus!

I still don’t remember much after being wheeled away. I vaguely remember coming to after the surgery and being in a lot of pain and not wanting to do anything they asked and just wanting to go to sleep. Which is what I’ve been doing most of the day. Waking up for a few minutes to take medicine, eat, and drink a little bit. I’m guessing I’m sleeping the meds off but I’m also wondering if my Rx meds are making me sleepy, too. I’ve been up for about an hour now but I’m sure after I take my pain meds, I’ll be out for a while again. I have two incisions – on in my belly button , the other right below my bikini line. I don’t feel the one above my bikini line, but I definitely feel the one in my belly button. Sitting up and changing positions can be a little painful but overall I’m feeling pretty good. Thomas is taking pretty good care of me and doing all he can to make sure I’m comfortable.

Thomas did an excellent job asking questions and recorded the post op conversation with the doctor! I appreciate how thorough my doctor is and the questions Thomas asked – hearing the convo was a great relief and definitely eased my mind! Woot – woot Thomas!!

Thank you so much for your phone calls, texts, fb posts, thoughts, and concerns for us!! We/I appreciate it very much. If you want to stay up to speed on who things are going – I will be posting on the blog regularly. It’s easier than making phone calls, texting, and sending emails. You can subscribe to the blog by entering your email at the right and you’ll receive notification when I post something new! Thank you again! 🙂

(please forgive my boring, pictureless posts – I’m still trying to learn Thomas’ Mac!!)

…. here’s to increased odds, excellent doctors, and a great husband!



  1. yeahh and big ups to a happy uterus, great husband, and future cousin. Way to be pro active and love your blog…….yall truly have an AMayesing life ( yes I’m being cheesy, I miss texas ok lol)

    cousin chanel

  2. So sorry to hear about your struggle! I had no idea. Glad to hear your doing well after your surgery.

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