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… recovery

First day after surgery and I’m doing fairly well…… My belly button aches a bit more, my stomach is sore to the touch, and I can’t move around too long without getting sore. I’m guessing I didn’t feel all of the effects of the surgery yesterday because I still had anesthesia in my system. Switching positions is a little more uncomfortable now than it was before. I don’t have much of an appetite and I’m hoping it comes back quick…. I stay a little hungry but have no real desire to eat. I just drink a lot of juice and nibble here and there.

I am randomly excited about seeing my scars from surgery – I’m always intrigued by surgical scars and I wish I could’ve watched the surgery as it happened…. I asked to record it but I was shot down. I charge it to wanting to know everything. I want to know the size of the tool they inserted in my belly button, what my insides looked like, what the scarring looked like, etc. Seems interesting.

We have a little over two weeks for our post op appointment and a little over 3 for our next treatment. Right now, emotionally, I feel fine. Optimistic mostly…. I’m hoping now that there isn’t a “cast” over my ovary and my fallopian tube is free to move around as it should, I’m praying that things are looking way up for us.

I appreciate the phone calls, texts, and posts more than you know. The outpour of love and support is unexpected and very much appreciated. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

…. here’s to recovery, support, and scars that lead to blessings!



  1. Tynesha James says

    I had no idea of your struggle. I’m here if/ whenever you need me 🙂

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