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Today, I had my pre-op appointment where they explained the procedures to me and allowed me to ask any questions I had – if you know me, I had questions. Along with my notebook and pen. I’m having a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy done. I’ll have a small incision in my belly button where they will perform the laparoscopy and check out all of my reproductive organs (uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries). They will also do a hysteroscopy and actually check out my uterus from in the inside – which is the part of the procedure that is like a well woman, they’ll go through my cervix- and make sure everything is fine there. If any polyps/scarring/endo needs to be removed, they’ll make an incision around my hip area to do that.

After all of the procedural stuff was explained, we talked a little bit about the next steps post surgery and the IUI. Before you have an IUI, you have to have at least one ultrasound to check out the maturity of your eggs, the have to be a certain size. From my blood work, my eggs seem to be fine so I’m hoping they stay that way and there won’t be any need for anything extra in that area. Of course, everything depends on your cycle – EVERYTHING –>The days you can have procedures, the days to have blood work done, surgeries, and the list goes on. So, if all goes by the calendar, the day I would need to have my ultrasound to check out my eggs would be on a Saturday. I initially thought that the doctor’s office wouldn’t be open on weekends but was reminded that  “everyone isn’t M-F!” so I decided to ask. Luckily and quite obviously, they do perform ultrasounds and procedures on Saturdays AND Sundays!! Which is very good news to me!

But not to jump the gun and get too excited, I am really focusing on staying calm and not stressing out about anything. Letting God be God and just relax. The reality of this situation is a bit overwhelming and even though I try to be a big girl and not cry about the circumstances – it is very tough. Tougher than tough. This process could be YEARS….. I’m not sure of anyone’s process that was only one or two cycles – and trust me, I’ve looked! I’ve researched, I’ve checked blogs, and websites… it’s truly a lengthy process.

The nurse I spoke with today says that a “normal” couple (thanks.) only has about a 25% chance of conceiving every cycle… with IUI there is a 35% chance but of course all of that is dependant on the variables – age, sperm count, eggs, etc, etc, etc, etc… ugh. So we’ll see. Thankfully, our first cycle will be during the summer while my nieces are here so we’ll be having a ton of crazy fun so I don’t THINK I’ll be tooo stressed about much. I think the only thing I’ll be worried about is taking pictures, playing with those beautiful girls, and us driving Thomas mad with noise!

My procedure is tomorrow morning at 9a. I have to be at Surgicare at 7:30a. It’s an outpatient procedure so I’m sure I’ll be headed back home after coming to and a little bit of rest.

Thanks again for everyone’s prayers and support…. As positive as I try to be – things can get a little unbearable so just keep us in your prayers!! I need it!!

….. here’s to positive thoughts.


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