… now what?

Soon after I spoke with Carolyn, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. D (a Reproductive Endocrinologist), who is nothing short of amazing and easy to talk with, and got to work IMMEDIATELY! It was almost scary how quickly the ball started rolling.

The first thing I had done on my FIRST appointment was an ultrasound to check out my uterus. The ultrasound showed that my lining was much, much thicker than it needed to be at that point in my cycle. Over the next few weeks, I had blood work done to check my hormone levels and egg quality; Thomas made a “donation” to check mobility and health of his sperm. Immediately after the results of the blood work and donation were in, we scheduled another appointment to review those results and chart the next few months.

Thankfully, things are pretty good in the grand scheme of things. My ultra sound showed that I have polyps – little growths on the uterine wall. Thomas is pretty good and was prescribed vitamins to take.

I was scheduled for a surgery, May 17th, called a laparoscopy, which is procedure where the doctor will go into my uterus and take a peek around. He will remove the polyps and any scarring from endometriosis I may have. The goal of that procedure is to make my uterus a happier environment for any zygote (fertilized egg i.e. Baby Mayes) that is trying to implant and grow. If there are only polyps or endometriosis to remove – he’ll remove those and we’re good to go!

If there is any scarring/endo, I’ll be put on a medication called Clomid because of the effects of endo on eggs.  It will increase the chances of a good egg dropping… and, also increases the chances of more than one egg dropping. (yup… (possible) multiples, baby!!!)

Regardless of polyps or scarring, the day after I ovulate in June, we will have an IUI. This procedure is quick, seamless, and performed in an examination room and is much like a well woman exam. Thomas will have to make a “donation” and they’ll separate the weak from the strong. Once that’s done, they’ll deposit the best of the best directly into my new, uber healthy uterus to hopefully meet and greet my little eggo! In real life, only about one percent of sperm make it to fertilize an egg…. With IUI ninety five percect of Thomas’ sperm will be awaiting my little egg! Lol.

Two weeks after the insemination we will find out if our first round of IUI worked! The 2ww will be a bit anxiety filled but fun! My nieces will be in town so we’ll be doing lots of playing. Although I know it won’t matter, I’m suuuuuure I’ll be afraid to move for the first couple of days but we’ll see! Lol. I will definitely try to do everything BUT stress!

If God so chooses, after a positive pregnancy test, we’ll have a doctor’s appointment to see our little poppy seed sized little love IMMEDIATELY! (6 weeks before you regular folk!! Lol!)

The past year probably has been nothing short of agonizing and heart wrenching. I’ve grown A LOT in so many ways it’s ridiculous and amazing…. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am at this point if I hadn’t have gone through what I had so far. I’m eerily looking forward to what is next. Ready for a change of pace and trying something new.

The last couple of months with our ER have been busy and I thank my support for being so amazing through all of this. I thank Carolyn from the deepest part of my soul (a little dramatic but so very real) for pushing me and sitting with me on the couch sharing her story and recommending us to Dr. D.  I’m quite sure we wouldn’t be where we are or with such an amazing doctor without your help!

We have already begun to discuss adoption – just in case….. Thomas is more ready for that than I am. I’d like the idea of looking at our baby and seeing us in him/her. Enjoying their little personalities to come out and laugh about who they’re most like, take after, and which of our idiosyncrasies they have. I swear Thomas has these little hand gestures I’m quite sure would be passed on. I’d love to see Thomas’ son rest his hand on his face and think the way he does.  (!!)

…. here’s to sweet thoughts, RELAXING, and trusting God!



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