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… out of the closet

When Thomas and I felt we were ready to start planning a family, we went to the doctor and after a few visits and exams we were labeled infertile and given a weak game plan. Couples who are regularly active without contraceptives but are not successful in conceiving are given a general label of “infertile”. My doctor also questioned my “health” due to how erratic and painful my cycles had become over the last few years and suggested surgeries to check for endometriosis.

A few months before we wanted to actually conceive we were told to start taking prenatal vitamins, charting my BBT, using an OPK, and wait to see what happens.

Check, check, check ….. huh?

The Doctor was messing with my plan so in true Alaina fashion – I jump right into gear adjusting and researching. I immediately start talking, asking questions, and Googling.

In talking with one of our Pastor’s wife, she recommended us to Dr. D. and said “… don’t wait…”. Those words (amongst others & her story) were a breathe of fresh air when so many people around you (& the internet) are telling you to “relax because it will happen ….. Take your time…. When Jesus says it’s time….” I am not minimizing ANY of those words – I knew our history and how long it could realistically take to have a baby – inactively waiting on Jesus wasn’t an option for us.

And, although I can be incredibly impatient, I also know that Infertility Road to baby can be long, unthinkably expensive, and hard – I knew waiting wasn’t going to improve our situation or make things any easier. And, after the many months we’d had already experienced – we both knew something had to change.

We made an appointment with Dr. D (a Reproductive Endocrinologist – ER), who is nothing short of amazing and easy to talk with, and got to work IMMEDIATELY! It was almost scary how quickly the ball started rolling……………………. here we go.

…. here’s to doctor’s appointments, transparency, and waiting.



  1. Articia Freeman says

    I am glad that you are out of the closet. I knew that this was going on but not to the extent. Of course you guys are always in my prayers as is future baby Mayes :). I am very glad that you “PUT FEET TO YOUR PRAYERS” and did not just wait for them to be answered. Our Pastor spoke last Sunday that faith without works is dead. You have to move on our prayers. I am glad that you had someone to encourage you to do so. I hope that my girlies are the distraction that you need to keep you from stressing too much. And of course you know whenever you wanna chat I am here for you.

    Love you both,

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