…. and, it begins!

….. summer that is!

and I feel like doing this   —–>

I am sooooooo excited IDK what to do!!

Summer is FINALLY here and I am more excited about it than I thought I’d be! I knew I’d be happy about a break from teaching/the kids but there’s something special about this summer….. we start our treatments to hopefully conceive a litte one! The most exciting event is going on this month……..

                     We have our first treatment!!!!!!!!

 I’m anxiously waiting for my cycle so we can schedule my ultrasounds & treatment (IUI). We know the dates it should be but have to confirm it! I was talking to Thomas on the way to work one morning and just spoke about this being “the real deal”… we’re actually going to try to get pregnant this month and it’s a bit surreal! Somewhat scary because we’re putting so much into trying – money, time, emotions, etc – and the fact that we could actually get pregnant this month makes my mind swirl! Just the THOUGHT of actually getting pregnant this month sends me over the moooon…… I can only imagine how in love and just floored by God’s grace and blessings I’d be! Now that time is getting closer and closer, it’s becoming more and more real – almost how you feel right as you’re about to graduate HS. You plan, count down, you imagine, you are excited but still scared and can’t believe such an life changing event is approaching so quickly. Now, our life changing event isn’t promised to happen THIS month but it could. There is a possibility. And, I am choosing to think positively and expect the best!! We were a bit worried at first about the cost of treatments – there’s sooo much on the Internet and although IUI is the cheaper treatment of  them all, we’ve seen/heard some incredible horror stories. But, THANKFULLY, our IUI treatments will be more than doable and we’re glad about that! You start this journey knowing it will be taxing on both your emotions and your bank account…. we’re praying we won’t have to go through too many treatments – that we’ll be blessed on the first round but we’ll be thankful for God’s plan regardless…… My goodness, I’m overwhelmed right now! I’m sooo excited and looking forward to what the next couple of weeks and the next month could bring!

We also have our 2 and 6 yr old nieces coming in on Thursday to stay for the month and that is so, so, so incredibly exciting!!!! They’re hilarious and since they moved to Ga in Jan or Feb, we (obviously) haven’t seen them in such a long time!! We’ve missed them so much and have had to satisfy our cravings for those little babies with Skype, stories, and pictures! lol…. Which were all great but nothing compares to in person hugs and love!!!

I can’t wait to see these beautiful little faces in a matter of days….. can’t wait to hug, love, kiss, squeeze, and cuddle their little bodies! Can’t wait to laugh, sing, and play with them either!!!!
…. a couple of my favorite pictures!!! They’re so sweet!!















….. here’s to a month of relaxing, a ton of fun, and lots cuddles!!!





  1. Nice. I’m super happy for y’all. I hope everything works out. It will. You will be great parents. Great!

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