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… about me

We all struggle. Sometimes publically, and, at times privately depending on the sector of life we’re dealing with. A lot of personal struggles are kept for the privacy of our own homes and hearts to be shared with only those select few we entrust such details.

In my relationships – I thrive on sharing stories, current happenings, and getting to know you on such personal levels… mainly, because I love to know people.  I love to know why.  I love to know how you got to be how you are and where you are. I love to learn. And when you are open and talking, sharing – you learn so much. I am MAINLY like this with older people – mainly women – who I admire and respect because you have something I don’t… and I want it. It’s WISDOM. What to do, how to do it, when to do it. What not to do and how to avoid certain outcomes.  Love to listen, love to share, love to learn, love to help. Love to share what I’ve learned, through both personal experience and the experience of others, to help others. Fortunately (and sometimes unfortunately), some of the things that are shared aren’t always the happiest of stories. The good behind these stories is that the storyteller has grown & learned from the situation and lucky for me – I get to as well.

I am writing to share my story. To be open and honest about what is going on with me (us) and how it’s going.  To keep my close friends/family in the loop of what’s going on in the most efficient way possible. I think it’s easier to blog than to send incessant, multi paged texts or emails and much quicker than making numerous phone calls or telling the same story over and over again. It’s easier for me to type it all out ONCE than and easier for you to read at your leisure.

I am NOT writing to incite gossip or rally any type of support or pity – I don’t need it. I have all of the support I could have ever asked for and your pity would be unnecessary as I don’t pity myself. As far as the gossip goes – some will do it anyway. I am doing this because I know I am not the only one going through this and I hate (while understanding) that infertility is not a more open subject and kept hush hush. There is nothing like going through something knowing that there is someone else out there who walking the same broken road as you – associated by experience or heart, maybe both.

There is power and information in numbers.

… here’s to stories, growth, wisdom, and friendship.


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