… 14 – 5

…….. Two weeks.

The time frame it takes for me to heal.

Which means no (ahem) for another week and two days. And, more lying around.

Who decides this stuff?! lol.

……. here’s to boredom, talking, and lots of cuddling?!


Let the countdown begin………….




  1. Hi Alaina- I just finished my two weeks of healing and it honestly wasnt that bad. I figured that I would offer some advice. I slept in upward position (2 pillows uner my back and head) to prevent the spread of the gas into my shoulders). I had NO shoulder pain, YAY! Always wear steachy, compfy pants. 😉 I watched alot of movies and journaled to pass the time.
    I also read about your surgery. I had 4 incisions, one in my belly button and 3 above my pelvic bone. My belly was so bloated for about a week and a half. My incisions are healing nicely, so I am sure yours will too! Just enjoy your “time off” as much as you can and let your DH spoil you, hehe. 😉

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. <3333

    • Thank you!!!!! I didn’t think abt sleeping upright – I ways sat & “lounged” with my chest above the rest of my body because it was more comfortable and less painful…… But, when I slept – I SLEPT! I had Rx Tylenol w/ codine so sleeping was pretty comfortable. I had shoulder/chest pain up until a day or so ago. I’m still a bit tender but doing much better.

      I hope you’re feeling muuuuuuuch better – I can only imagine your pain! Did you feel the “punch to the stomach” early on or later?? Glad you’re taking it easy and giving yourself a chance to recoup! Put DH to work!! 🙂

      I appreciate your advice and thoughts! Hope you come back to visit! 🙂

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