ready to go to school??

We’re in school!!!!! And, they have a blast! Going into class is touch and go…. Some days we rock it others days we need to be rocked in but either way they have so much fun! 

The girls are learning so much and are shocking me everyday with all that they’re doing. Like, did you seriously just tell me to come here with your little, tiny pointer finger?! And, you’re going potty! My favorite … saying ‘ta-da!!!!’ Ugh! I love it!! 

Everything they do just amazing to me. All of it. Even the sudden picky eating when they would eat ANYTHING I gave them……. It’s letting me know they’re thinking and making choices based on their very own preferences. Like, you have a preference and can communicate it. Makes my heart flutter. 

Why?! Why am I obsessed?! Why am I glad that you’re amazed by my chalkboard (wish I could have captured their “wow” faces complete with the “O” mouth…… The fact that they noticed it was different kinda threw me) made all my work feel worthwhile – even through they smeared it.  The perfectionist in me was (kinda) okay with that. 

When I brought these little people into the world, they could do nothing but involuntarily pee and poop…. And they cried. 

Now. You call me and remember where I put your cup (but can’t find my shoe, hmmmm), you’re imitating and intentionally hide and make me laugh. 

My heart is full because of these precious little gifts. They are constant reminders of how good the Lord is. Even when they’re exercising their newly found skill of choice when I’d like them to just do what I want them to do, I’m thankful for their ability to think & make choices. I’m thankful for their ability to understand and voluntarily act on that. 

Those aren’t small things. They’re abilities we take for  granted. They position me to show them patience and grace. 

Being their mama is more than taking pictures and dressing them. I get to partner with the Lord in guiding, training, & discipling these little people so that they are pointed to our forgiving Lord. Isn’t that neat? What an opportunity for me….. I’m thinking about working group work in school. How often you had to meet. How often you had to talk. How you likely got to know more personal details about your group members. I personally think my group is LEGIT (Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, Logan, & Rhyann!! YES!) 

 The teacher just called our group & grew more and more excited at each name called! What a joy. So thankful for my group and the projects assigned to us each day. We each have our own parts to do but we’ll be working closely together making sure that when we put it all together, it’s going to be our best effort at the end of each day. Glory!

Aren’t these tees EVERYTHING?! Pick them up at!! 


The Happy Hour!! 

Hey y’all!! 

I know I’ve been completely MIA lately but things have been insanely hectic over here! 

I really just stopped in to drop some incredibly amazing news…… I was on The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast!! Whoop! So much fun and I’m so glad it’s live!! 
Listen and let me know your thoughts! I’m super excited about this opportunity but incredibly terrified to listen to my interview! I started playing it but couldn’t get past the intro music! Lol. 

Anywho…. My sick babes are finally sleep so I’ve got to get some work done and eaaaaat! Oh, and, they’re in preschool! We started school on Monday so I’m pretty excited about them interacting with other kids and learning in a group setting!!

So fun! 

Y’all have a great night! Talk to you soon & go Plexus! 😜 


grace in the valleys

Hard sucks, right? We don’t generally want hard. Well… we don’t want a hard that we don’t choose. We like the hard of a challenge we like because we know what the outcome is, we know what we’re working for…. until it gets too hard. Until that expected outcome we’re toiling for doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.  We run from the hard we don’t choose. We hate hard. I hate hard. I hate hard that makes me cry or is too big for me or is embarrassing. Humiliation, defeat, and frustration aren’t fun for me so I shy away from it. I fear not knowing what is going to happen. Or, I did. I did until the outcomes of the absolute hardest things I’ve ever experienced were greater than I thought possible.

Hard still makes me squirm but there is so much goodness in leaning into the Lord and enduring a hard valley experience we didn’t choose and wouldn’t choose if we had the option.

So thankful that the Lord is teaching me that he is good to me and showing me in many ways just how good he is in this season of my life. I’m a big believer in following your heart and figuring it out later. Obviously, there is some wisdom in waiting and plans and being pragmatic and logical in decision making but when the Lord leads you to something, it’s important to just go with it and leave all of the details to him. Looking back over the last few years, the Lord has been preparing and equipping me for now. Between this blog (which is a total God thing) to starting/joining Plexus (another God thing) – timing is perfect. This blog has seen many a dark day but also some really amazing, nothing but God blessings that have helped and blessed so many people. Plexus came into my life at the perfect time. It’s brought some amazing friends into my life, strengthened other friendships, grown me in so many ways, and is helping to provide for my family. When I joined last year I had  no idea that I would need the income to provide. But, the Lord did. Obedience and just jumping in when I had no experience and wasn’t sure about so many things has been a huge blessing to me.

Running from hard things, remaining uncomfortable in your comfort zones, and being still when the Lord is stirring your heart to do is harder than just stepping out on faith. That first step is scary and it’s hard in the middle but when we keep our eyes on the Lord we can “walk on water”. We can endure the storm. We can do what he’s called us to do. Boldly. Confidently. Passionately.

There is grace in the valleys of life. There is truth and so much goodness as we are going through with the Lord. There are times we are placed in the valley simply because that experience is what will honor the Lord the most. Not because of a choice we made, but for the glory of the Lord. For our maturation. For the blessing of others. The faith that valleys create open your mind to the possibilities of what the Lord can do and allow you to dream big. To allow the Lord to be bigger than you, than your limited scope of what’s possible.

Right now, I’m learning how good God is to me. I’m seeing his faithfulness and the provisions he is making for me, how he has strategically planned things for my good. And, looking forward to what’s to come because it will be good, y’all. It’s going to be so good.

Y’all, lean into the Lord. Consider that what is being presented to you could be exactly what the Lord uses to bless you and others. Priscilla Shirer says that generally whatever is scariest and whatever it is she doesn’t want to do the most, is likely what she needs to do. Just know that the Lord will carry and/or walk with you through whatever hard and scary thing drops on your doorstep.