A couple of days ago, I was getting ready and noticed my MOM charm was upside down on perfume tray.

It said WOW. Mom upside down is wow.

What a word, right? It’s huge. It brings an undeniable smile to our faces & swells our heart, doesn’t it?

Wow! You look amazing!

Wow! This meal is delicious!

Wow! What a beautiful photo!

Wow is huge.


 Wow!!! You’ve cleaned, worked, diapered, read, cooked, fed, prepped, dropped off, picked up….. You wake up before everyone else & fall asleep after everyone has been bathed & tucked in.

Wow. You’ve dealt with criers, screamers, tantrum throwers, food tossers, crawlers, destroyers. Then, you hugged, kissed, cuddled, wiped, and read.

Wow. You’re dealing with a lot and continue to deal and thrive in the beautiful chaos of these little people who need you, who want you, who depend on you.

Wow. By the grace of God we do daily. We do a lot. We do when we don’t feel like it. We do when we feel like we can’t. And, we do it because we love doing what we were created to do.

Wow. You’re juggling the demands of your job and the stresses of the day, and still manage  to smile and love on your children.

Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house; your children will be like olive shoots around your table.
Psalm 128:3

As mothers, we are the life of our homes. And, our children are directly impacted by the amount of life we have. That’s a lot of responsibility but by the grace of the Lord, we are able to live with joy and peace regardless of the situations we find ourselves in. We are created to endure for the sake of our children, and it’s our responsibility as mothers to make sure that we are able to provide life for our children. A life that will be the foundation for a Godly, confident, honest, and productive person. Someone honorable and trustworthy who understands the importance of good character and treating others with kindness. If we are barely functioning, we cannot serve our homes in the way God calls us to. We are going to deal with heartaches and we will have to the endure some pretty rough circumstances at some point in our lives, but the Lord can redeem and restore us… he strengthens and encourages us to focus on what is true, right, praiseworthy, and noble. He encourages us to think on Him & we are to live a Christ centered life. If we are always looking towards Jesus, while life will still be hard – it won’t consume us or break us. No matter what we’re dealing with, we’re still able to be the supportive, loving, kind mamas we dream of and that our children deserve. We are still able to thrive in our roles.

 Mama, our family loves us. They need what was especially placed inside of us. Those babies wailing and tugging at you are doing the best they can to communicate how special and important you are to them. Even when you’re worn out and exhausted, up to “here” with it all & overextended—– just look at those little faces and say, “Wow.”

Wow. What beautiful gifts we’ve been given to nurture and show love to. To teach, discipline, and guide with love and respect.

Wow. What a joy it is to have the opportunity to serve our God in this way.



they’re eating!

The girls are 6 big ol months!!!!! I’m way behind on their 6th month post & pictures, but lets not be judgy…..
 It’s honestly been so much fun watching the girls grow and learn! I have a lot of favorite milestones they’ve hit recently, but my favorite eating! The girls love to eat and it’s fun for me, too, because I make their food!! I’m not completely against jar food, but I’d prefer to make their food myself. I know exactly what’s in it, I get to season it as I’d like, and it ends up being a lot less expensive than buying the jarred food!! mangoThe Baby Bullet is so stinking cute!!! And, the little containers are adorable. It’s easy to use and works fairly quickly! … and, it’s cute! The only downside to the Baby Bullet is that you aren’t able to make a lot of food at once. I cut one mango to puree and I doubt I would have been able to add another full mango to the blender. For now it works great because the girls aren’t eating that much, but once their bellies and appetites grow, I’m going to have to use my blender for their food!!

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

The girls have had avocado, pears, and mango!! I also tried the Gerber Rice Cereal but I nixed it because it’s pretty pointless. I plan to add more veggies…. kale, carrots, spinach, and green beans are at the top of my list. I hate peas, but they’ll help move their little systems along, so hopefully they’ll like them!!

You can tell that the girls understand eating because they are so into our meals…. They watch us eat and even grab our spoons and forks! It’s hilarious!!!

My hope is that if I introduce a wide variety of foods to the girls early, they’ll have a wide palate and won’t only eat those favorite kid foods like chicken (in it’s various forms) and burgers. Even though I love hamburgers! lol.

I’m looking forward to having a freezer full of frozen foods for the girls to enjoy. Makes my mama heart happy that they love what I’ve prepared for them so far! Kinda makes me feel something like an award winning baby chef! lol.. I get rave reviews from two tiny diners!!!


heart songs

I really (really) love music…. and, I listen to the lyrics. Which seems like the main reason you would like a song but apparently people also like music for the beat and other things. What those other things are, I have no clue. lol……

At the end of my posts, I would attach a link to the ‘post jam’, or the song I listened to while I posted. I loved that and should probably begin again. There’s been a lot of music that has recently tugged at my little heart.

Hillsong United’s Captain has been my jaaaaaam for the past couple of weeks. The last couple of years hasn’t been easy at all for me, for two very different reasons, but they both have left my heart very broken. And, for me, Captain, is the anthem of the heartbroken. Not because it’s this sad ballad that make you want to cry in a dark room while you eat a pint of Haagen-Dazs but because its encouraging.

This song stirs my soul and brings tears to my eyes… I’ve even sobbed a few times listening to it.

The song reminds you that we are often called away from the ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’ into dark and hard situations that do often hurt, but that we’re led and comforted by the same God that calls us. He doesn’t call us or drop us into chaos for nothing… but to mature us and glorify Him. And, after it all he even gives us some pretty sweet blessings once we’ve reached the other side.

After the whirlwind of loss and heartbreak, I come out whole, more mature, and with a deeper understanding of bigger picture of Christian life. Not perfect, just a bit stronger and wiser. Even more willing to trust God without fighting and more eager to ‘follow Him straight into the dark’ knowing that His plan for every person involved in that chaos will be play out & benefit us all.

When we’re out in the dark, bumping around, trying to feel our way in fear, falling and bleeding, it’s hard to believe that good can come from it. It’s hard to want to continue putting effort into working so hard to get to the good. Knowing that the good we want may not be the good that God has planned for us. And, that’s scary. Because God’s good doesn’t always mean easy and bright.

Even though I had to watch the YouTube video with lyrics to understand the words the first few times I listened to the song (but still listen – it’s beautiful!) , it’s one I have etched into my memory. It’s the perfect little reminder that the Lord is not only with me but guiding me, making my paths straight, protecting me, comforting me, and watching over me.

This is the brokenhearted’s anthem because it’s the song of the fearful who turned brave. The song of the one who once didn’t trust but has learned to ‘follow his voice straight into the dark.’

Post Jam: Hillsong United Captain