October 15th

IMG_3316-Edit{photo credit: Christin Armstrong}
Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.….

And, my heart is with so many mamas I know and have come across who have endured miscarriages and their sweet babies.

Before my own pregnancy, while I could empathize, there’s so much I just didn’t get about pregnancy, miscarriages, and losing children… I couldn’t get it.

And, while I still can’t wholly relate, I know the fear in praying day by day for your pregnancy to make it to the next day… worrying about every cramp, fearing test results, and the uneasiness that comes with a doctor delivering bad news about your child. I know that from the moment you are aware that you are carrying your life, your main concern is the life/lives that are growing inside of you. Even when you try to separate yourself from it because of fear of loss or something tragic happening, that life is a part of you.

To my friends who have endured so much loss, my heart is with you. I haven’t walked in your shoes but I know that you are so strong to endure such immense loss and pain.

What I’ve learned when dealing with any type of grief and sadness is that community always helps. Girlfriends are angelic. Having friends and an outlet to connect with others can give perspective and support to help you wade through whatever hardship you’re experiencing.

While journey through infertility and working to adopt, I  met a few awesome adoptive mamas who have the sweetest hearts and thrive on relationships and sharing stories… mamas who so gently with great strength can come along side you to listen, pray with you, and just be there for you. A few of these women, quite naturally, have formed an online community that supports women/mamas dealing with loss and infertility. I couldn’t be more proud of them and the work they are doing to uplift, encourage, and build other women.

If you’ve experienced loss or are struggling with infertility, I urge you to to visit The Carry Camp‘s website. Whether you’re eager to jump in and begin sharing or would rather ease your way into sharing and connecting, I do believe this community will remind you that you aren’t alone and give you a soft place to land.

Mamas, you are loved. You’re thought of today. Your babies are not forgotten.



photo.PNG-3How are we feeling??!?!?!
Good!!!! Thankfully, we’ve had a pretty easy, eventless pregnancy…. it’s crazy that we have only a few more weeks (more like 15) to go!!

What’s going on with the bump?!?!
Lots of baby movements!!!! It’s so exciting! The girls really like moving around at night…. they move around during the day but not nearly as much at night. (They’re moving right now! lol) I can’t wait to see my belly contort and bulge!!!! I missed the whole cravings kick, so hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy and record it! ….. and, I’m measuring at 31 weeks! Fun, huh?

So, how are you feeling?!
Pretty good……. overwhelmed (in a good way) and getting pretty excited about the girls coming!!! I’m doing better with accepting the fact that that they may come in December but truly hoping they hold out til January. But, I know that whenever they come, everything will be fine.

Anything else?
Saw the girls on Friday……. they are moving around and growing really well! Our baby shower was really fun and we had a wonderful time! More on that later!!!

From mommy….
You little people are so well loved!!! There are so many people who are waiting for you, praying for you, and anticipating your arrival!! I can’t wait to sit back and watch you get loved on so well!! It will be so beautiful and such a dream come true!!!

OH!!! And, from our ultrasound, it seems like one of you may look like Daddy and the other may look like me! Can’t wait to see your beautiful faces!!!

– mommy


…. full hearts

IMG_4333.PNGMaybe it was the first time mama in me…… Maybe I was being incredible optimistic…… Maybe I just really wanted the girls to stay put as long as possible…. Maybe I’m just completely not ready……

But, seeing my girls sweet faces, accepting the reality that the girls will probably make their appearance in December had me crying at my doctor’s appointment today!

So many emotions…..
So many realizations….
So much reality hitting all at one time. It’s overwhelming.
It’s magical.
It’s amazing.
This is actually happening.

Within a matter of months, I will be the mother of two girls who are all our own.

The hugest blessings.
The most incredible gifts.
The desires of my heart!!