5mthsSo, these are my first kids… Not only am I learning the infant ropes, I’m learning them for two different personalities. Most of the time these girls are so much fun and I can’t get enough of laughing with them and watching them learn. I mean, it’s fun!!! My brother in law was able to catch Lo roll from her back to her belly on video and it was literally the highlight of my day! I couldn’t stop laughing or talking about what a great job she did! I watched the video over and over again with so much pride because I would see her working so hard just about daily to roll over and she finally did it! It made me proud to see what a hard worker she was —- can you be a hard worker at 5 months? lol.

They are laughing together and playing together….. Logan is a bit more rough than Rhyann is but she has her moments of gentleness. They hold hands when they have their bottles or lying down. It’s beyond adorable. I’m very serious about their relationship and I want them to grow up as friends, relying on each other I’m begun to establish that relationship now. Even though as twins, I know they have a special bond, I’ve started to teach them to give hugs and intentionally putting them face to face when their in their walkers or on the floor. Don’t know how effective it will be, but it’s definitely fun for me. I want to create a habit of togetherness and fondness.


Naptime or bedtime rolls around. And, they become these people who scream and fight and are near inconsolable. I’m literally confused daily. Even when I try to catch the craziness before it begins, it never works.

Their personalities are very different and it’s great to see how differently they respond to the same things.  I’ve given them little tastes of table food and so far Logan loves it, Rhyann could do without it. Guacamole, tortilla chips, plums, apples, carrots …… Logan will grab your hand and pull it to her mouth, Rhyann is fine if you take it away. Curious to see how this plays out when it’s time to really eat!

So, that has brought a ton of excitement to the days and nights of motherhood!!

Aside from my welcome to infant-hood, we’ve been having a great time hanging out…..
We went to my sister’s spring game last week. She’s a Varsity cheerleader and since we’ll be going to her games, the girls needed a proper game day outfit – team onesie and tutu made with glitter’d tulle in the school colors with a dash of pink. ;)IMG_0801.JPG IMG_0802.JPG

As always, loving being these girls’ mama.

But, also enjoying being Alaina, too.
I obviously love crafting, so there will be a lot of that going on with and for the girls….. I’ve gotten into lettering so that’s insanely fun for me. I just wish I had more time to devote to it. And, of course, photography. Getting lots of practice in with that with the girls. Working out has been so fun for me but I haven’t had the opportunity to do much of that, I’ve gone walking a couple of times but that doesn’t really do much for my love for working out because I’m so used to running. The girls can’t ride in a jogging stroller until their sitting up unsupported. Not sure, but I’m thinking that could be another month away. 

So, in the meantime.

I’ve fallen in love with Plexus. I initially got started because I wanted to lose my baby belly, but as I began to learn more and more about the product, I realized that it’s about a whole lot more than helping people lose weight. It’s about health. Once I learned that your body’s health depends on the health of your gut and Plexus helps to rid your gut of candida yeast and bad bacteria, I was sold. Am sold. Without all the buildup of this gunk in your system, there’s relief from eczema, menstrual cramps, fertility issues (hello.), migraines, bloating, and more. So, not only has my baby belly almost become non-existent, I have more energy and I feel so much better than I’ve felt ever before. What I was experiencing before was not normal although it was my norm. Sold. I’m not craving sugar, thanks to a healthier gut, so I’m not craving sugar and foods packed with artificial sweetners that cause an increase in insulin production which cause my liver and pancrease to work harder. Sold. It’s a win/win.  IMG_0806.JPGThis is a smoothie I’ve made for the past two mornings and it tastes soooo good!!! I love that I get a kick of protein plus fruits and my daily Slim in which helps to curve cravings and burn fat. I NEVER, EVER drink milk because I just hate it, so it’s nice to get in a gluten & carrageen free portion everyday. Milk does a body good, right?! lol.

I’m slowly… very slowly… getting back to blogging more than once every couple of weeks and I’m loving it. Now that I’m getting a handle on mommy-life, I’m enjoying getting back to what I love!!!

Hope y’all are having a great hump day!!!



fantastic, feisty, & five months fab!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset“Hey, sister!! We’re 5 mths!!”

These last five months have been so joyous in some ways and very difficult in others. Lots of growing and choosing. Lots of struggling and rejoicing. They are for sure worth celebrating regardless of what else is going on in our world. Worth fawning over. Worth working our hardest for.

They are doing some pretty exciting things these days…… I kinda chatted over here about what they are doing but since then, they’ve been doing better with holding their bottles and it almost seems as if they’re ready to get moving! Their little bodies will get all excited and their legs and arms will move but it’s so funny because they aren’t going anywhere!

I’ve been allowing them to taste little foods here and there. I’m not quite ready to give them real food yet, but I want to begin shaping their little palates. They’ve tasted cucumber, plum, and carrots. Logan seems to really enjoy new foods – she’ll hold your hand/food to her mouth and scream cry if you take it away. Rhyann….. she’s not too thrilled. Introducing foods to them will be interesting – especially if this pattern carries on. 5mthsa

…. and, they’ve begun crying tears. Real Deal tears.
MY GOSH…. I never thought tears would make my heart break. Watching these girls grow is my greatest joy….. They cause my heart to soar.

Logan is still the happiness baby on the planet. She’s laughing, squealing, and making the cutest faces more and more. She literally wakes up with the happiest of faces. And, the girl loves music and will bounce and babble along with it!
Rhyann is becoming such a ham. Laughing more without so much work and babbling tons and tons. She has made the strangest, most hilarious sounds ever!! She’s hilarious. And, I love her personality.

Both of them are the best babies…. easy. Quiet for the most part and they’re easy to take anywhere and everywhere.
They’re also the best errand running buddies. They just ride and hang out…. they’re so easy.
IMG_7255The last five months have been full of nurturing and stillness for most of the time…..
the next five will be so very different.

I can’t wait to do the teaching and chasing, the hand holding, and just watching them become more independent.
They’ll become more themselves, more of me, more of their dad.
They’ll do more watching, more imitating.

And, I cannot freaking wait.

Month 5… bring it.



  These little girls here have been the sweetest gifts and the most beautiful surprises I’ve ever received. I mean, they’re my kids so naturally I’d believe that they’re the best gifts ever but I’ve seriously never received more thoughtful, on time…. perfectly timed, or generous gifts.

 They’re more than I could ever have asked for.
And, because of them, I’m becoming who I’ve always wanted to be.
I’ve always heard people say that their children cause them to become and assumed it was solely because mothering causes you to stretch, mature, evolve, and just be a different person.
But, it’s their dependence on you that changes you..
Your every decision shapes them and writes something on their little slates.

 They’re the best motivators I could have asked for.
I’m sure that they’re the only motivation that would have been effective.
Their future, their character, their habits holds me accountable for my actions & words today.

 I’m thankful for the hiding place, strength, joy, grace, and peace in great abundance God offers moment by moment.
Thankful that God’s word is both convicting and comforting, encouraging and promising.
Thankful for the examples of strength and dignity and grace…… For the examples of worship and faith in the hardest of trials.

The Lord will guide you; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.
Isaiah 58:11

Thankful for the squishy, adorable, hilarious reminders that God comes through in the clutch, that he will bless you inspite of, and will give you more than you ask for. 

THAT is how you get through  the fire, that is how you deal with the irritability gracefully. Remembering that you can trust trusting God. Searching for reasons to be grateful, even the smallest of blessings are due a ‘thank you’, a moment of gratitude and opening your mouth or putting pen to paper communicating your thankfulness. Intentionally remaining focused on  God and not your situation.

All of this causes your focus to shift. These actions causes your heart to change.
Intentionally focusing on God changes us. It allows us to get through the battle fully prepared in armor. Kind of like race car driving. I’m not into race car driving but I’ve seen enough clips on ESPN to know that those laps around the track are grueling and driving at high speeds with other drivers is dangerous. The drivers stop constantly and regularly for quick yet necessary tire changes, at the least. Remember, just going off of EPSN clips! lol…… Are battles are the same way – grueling and life threatening. The devil is out to destroy. Our lives, the quality of our life, our peace, our joy, our state of mind. If we keep rolling past opportunities to refuel and replace what’s worn out, we aren’t equipped to continue fighting to the best of our abilities.

God’s history in your own life has enough stories of blessings and protection for you to trust that He has you as you go. He is with you as you go. He carries you when you’re too tired to go on, hoists you up when you’re too weak to pull yourself up. Go into battle knowing that you have everything you need to be successful and to win…. not because you are so great, but because the One stocking your refill station, has provided you with the best of the best and lots of it. His supply never runs out and what he has to offer is exactly what you need, in the quantity that you need it.

No blows out in the middle of a lap, k?