seven whole months

7mths3“Come here, sissy!!”

I’m a taaaad late, just taking our monthly pictures and getting their stats posted… but! here we are!
This is the best chair picture I got today. Definitely the perfect depiction of their relationship…. they love being close, but they’re also very grabby. So, when they’re playing they’ll be doing lots of crying and laughing and crying and laughing. When you put them down on the floor, they’ll automatically scoot to each other and begin grabbing for pacifiers, arms, legs, hair, whatever they can get to. They love holding hands and will reach out whenever they’re near each other. It’s the cutest thing in the world.7mths2

So far they are:
Rolling over.
Wearing size 3 Cruisers. (no more Snugglers!!!)
Eating spinach, carrots, mangos, pears, cinnamon apples, green beans.
Reaching out to be held.
Hiding their face in my chest when someone says “hello”!
Babbling lots of sounds… b’s, g’s, d’s.
Holding their own bottles semi-consistently.
Drinking from sippy cups.
They love to listen while you read.
Exploring (meaning eating your computer screen, pulling wipes out of containers, eating papers, etc.)
Lo has been the only babe to fall off the bed or couch! 7mths

Laying on the chalkboard just doesn’t work anymore…. they’re rolling over and pushing up from the floor, so we just sat up and played on bellies instead!! Six months and seven, so far, have been the most fun and exciting! They’re just doing so. dang. much!! My friends told me that the 6-9 months stage was her favorite because babies learn to do much during that stage and so far she’s right!! It’s so exciting to watch the girls work hard to meet new milestones, it’s been so sweet & quite funny to watch them realize each other and seek each other out. Until a couple of months ago, I think mainly felt for each other. Now, they’re able to go after each other. party

Love this life we’re creating together.
Love experiencing life with them.
Love being by their side as they learn and grow.
I carry them, but in so many ways they carry me, too.

Happy 7 months, girls!
Mama loves you!

OH…. Have you heard Little Toy Guns by Carrie Underwood?!?!?! Such an amazing song and resonates with me so hard. I can (and do) listen on repeat!!
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Summer days are drifting away…

 We hit 7 months today and the week has been so packed with firsts & milestones!!
After our first swing on Wednesday, Rhyann (finally) rolled over & is already pushing up on her knees & moving all over the place!  Although we’ve been to a few birthday parties before, today we went to a Super Hero themed party with inflatable water slides & a little inflatable pool for the little kids! The girls played in the pool and laid out a bit on the grass as the party ended. My arms were so so grateful! Lol 

  There were 2 other sets of twins at the party, 3 yo b/g twins & 11 yo fraternal girls. AND, while at Target my cashier told me about his twin sister & his younger fraternal twin sisters, while a woman told me about her 40 yo fraternal sons from an aisle over. Lol. 

By the way……. I bought 9 mo swim suits because that was the smallest size Target had ….. WHY?! …… & prepared to work out a slightly larger suit. Well, thanks to these little swimmers, they fit perfectly. Either that or they really do fit 9mo clothes. Lord. Probably the latter. The swimmers aren’t THAT bulky. :( maybe a combo of both?! 

II’m exhausted and stretched thin, but everyday I get so much better at mommy-ing & managing this life & all that comes with it.  

 It isn’t easy, but it sure is a heck of a lot of fun. 




parkSo y’all know I like to make up words…. firsties is one of my newer favorites.
I literally just made it up as I was titling this post.

Today, was one of the girls’ firsts. We (my daughter, nieces, and I) got out of the house and burned some cals at a jogging trail and playground. The park had the baby swings so the the little girls were able to play along- it was big, silly deal for me. It was soooo stinking cute to hear them laugh out loud and squeal as Aliya and Ari pushed them back and forth. park4 park3My nieces have spent a month every summer with us for the past 5 years and it is a dream come true to finally watch my girls play with my sister’s girls. This whole mothering experience has been so special and each of their firsts are so incredibly special to me.

Mothering is fun for me. It’s enjoyable and exciting…. there’s a lot of learning on the fly, trusting your gut, and doing more than you thought you ever could. There are so many opportunities for togetherness on so many different levels along this journey of motherhood.This space is full of beautiful, strong women who are creative, versatile, brilliant, and witty. Women who are courageous, thoughtful, kind, compassionate. Women who are all able to do at least one thing that another cannot. This space has the propensity to become a breeding ground for envy, jealously, malice, and hate but the more and more I come in contact with women with pure hearts, the more I believe that we women mama well together. We understand each other better than our men can, we experience many of the same things, and we are each other’s biggest support systems. While we stand shoulder to shoulder with women who we look up to and are inspired by, we have to remember that not one of us is perfect. Not one of us should judge our capabilities to mother our children by how another mama mothers. Not one of us should strive to mother perfectly, just very, very well. Using our gifts and talents and leaning on the gifts of others when we need to, while sharing our gifts with another we needed. Mothering as uniquely as we were created, without all of the comparisons and jealousies, we’re able to live much more graciously and enjoy our children with much more freedom.tmgraphicI write over at twice a month and when you click here, you can read a bit about how I’m learning to  mother graciously rather than perfectly. Let me know what you think!